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Athletic Union

The Athletic Union is the body that supports all sporting activity at Cardiff University Students' Union. We support students that run over 60 sports clubs including individual and team sports, outdoor and water sports and martial arts. We believe that sport plays a significant role in the student experience, playing a role in helping to build social and support groups, keeping students active, and most importantly, offering a valuable opportunity for individuals to develop themselves.

Upcoming Events

23rd September
Back of SU (Magic Wrap)
Dip your toes into the world of Windsurf!
24th September
Back of the SU (Magic Wrap)
Dip your toes into the world of Windsurf!
Lacrosse Give it a Go
26th September
Talybont Astro
Come along and be part of one of the UKs fastest growing sports!

Our Values

  • Sport is run by Students for Students
  • Sport Clubs belong to their members
  • Participative, competitive and performance sport are held in equal regard

The Athletic Union commit to the following:

  • Transparency and equality on all matters that are conducted for the Students and their clubs
  • A direct line of communication, coupled with an open door policy
  • Sufficient and appropriate training will always be available to ALL members

Read more about Our Mission Statement.

What AU Clubs Are There?

There are 65 AU Clubs ranging from American Football to Ultimate Frisbee. A full list of our clubs with information about them can be viewed here

If we do not currently offer an activity, speak with the Athetic Union to see how we can facilitate your needs. We welcome applications for new clubs not already offered here at Cardiff University Athletic Union.

How Much Does It Cost To Join? 

To be a member of a club, a membership to the Athletic Union is required. A one off annual £15 fee (subject to change each year) enables you to be a member of the AU. This fee covers insurance and other support, but once you've paid you're good to take part in as many clubs as you want.

Each club has their own specific joining fee. Please note that club membership has not opened yet. Clubs websites are being updated ready for the new semester. For most clubs, basic equipment is provided to get you started as well as coaching and instuction. Through out the year you may be required to contribute towards activity, but this will be explained by the club. Feel free to contact any club to find out more information here.

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