Democracy at Your Union

As soon as you enrol at Cardiff University, you are automatically a member of CUSU. This means that you have the right to make crucial decisions on what the Union does and how it's run. 

Student Senate

Scrutiny Committee

We Want Your Ideas

Got an idea about how your Union could change? Want to improve your University? Or make a positive impact on the local community? Submit your ideas via the ideas platform.

Your Students’ Union is your voice

Give us your ideas and we’ll shout about them.Any student can submit their idea at any time of year. Your idea will go to the Student Senate that meets 5 times per annum. It’s their job to compile all the ideas and direct them to the correct forum where the idea will be debated and discussed.

Senate must have 50% +1 in favour of the motion or it to pass. 

If your Idea is approved it will become Union policy. That means the leaders of your Union, the Full Time Officer Team and Campaign Officers, will work to implement your idea with the help of other students.

Want to join the Student Senate? Elections will take place in October every year so there's plenty of time to get involved.