Executive Committees

We want all members of the Students’ Union to be able to get involved and shape the work that we do. One of the ways you can get involved is through the elected officers' executive committees or associations. 


Each Sabbatical Officer has at least one executive committee which is designed to shape and support the work of the elected officers. This could include supporting them in the development of policy, running outreach activity, or simply putting on events and activities students want to see.  


You can find out more about each of the Sabbatical Officers' executive committees below, as well as how to get involved.  


Vice President Heath Park Campus (Education & Welfare) - Executive Committee


Vice President Postgraduate Students (Education & Welfare) - Executive Committee


Vice President Sports and AU President - Executive Committee


Vice President Societies and Volunteering - Executive Committees


Vice President Undergraduate Students (Education & Welfare) - Executive Committee


Vice President Welsh Language, Community and Culture - Executive Committee



The Students’ Union President does not have an executive committee, but instead has an accountability council.


Each Campaign Officer has an association. Associations are designed to support in the representation of a demographic of student or a particular student interest. The association committees have the same responsibility as executive committees and are there to support Campaign Officers in their work and to help in the running of events and activities for members of the association.    


You don’t need to run in an election to be a member of an association, simply sign-up here.  


Executive and Association Committees also have a role to play in the accountability of the elected officers. More information about the accountability sessions and the completed reports can be found on our accountability page.  


Accountability Sessions