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Main elections are open

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What are the elections?

In a nutshell, the Elections are your chance to make your voice heard while studying at Cardiff University.

It offers you a chance to change things about your university life by electing people who can best represent your views.

The Students' Union is a democratic membership organisation. This means that every decision we make is made by you, our students at Cardiff University. The Students' Union is led by groups such as Sabbatical Officers, Campaign Officers, Student Senate, Scrutiny Committee, and NUS delegates.

We hold elections twice each year:

Autumn Elections are held in October for Student Senate, Scrutiny Committee, any vacant Campaign Officer positions, NUS UK Delegates and NUS Wales Delegates.

Spring Elections are held in February for Full-Time Elected Officer, and Campaign Officer Positions for the following academic year.

What is transferable voting? 

Transferable voting allows voters to list the candidates in order of preference. The successful candidate will need 50% of the total number of votes plus 1 in order to win. If any candidate does not receive enough votes to win, that candidate’s votes will be transferred to the other candidates according to voters’ next preferences.

If you don't believe any of the candidates standing for a position have the qualities you feel are valuable, or you don't agree with their manifesto, you can vote R.O.N. which stands for 're-open nominations. If R.O.N wins the vote, no one would be elected to this role and the nominations for the role would re-open, giving the opportunity to find the right person to lead your Union.


Results of previous elections can be found here!

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Key Dates

Nominations open Friday 9th April (12:00)

Nominations close Thursday 15th April (16:00)

Voting opens Sunday 25th April (12:00)

Voting closes Tuesday 27th April (12:00)