Campaigning is something you can get involved with while at University. If you feel something is unfair, there needs to be more awareness around an issue, or you want to change the way we do things, you can run a campaign. Campaigning can be done in many different ways, from an open letter, submitting a motion to introduce a new policy, or holding an event to promote services. Here are just a few of the campaigns your Sabbatical and Campaign Officers are working on...


Spring In Your Step

Spring is now in full swing, and your officers have decided to put together a fun set of tips and challenges so that you can all start being active and taking care of ourselves. Your officers understand that fitness and wellbeing are different for everyone, and that’s why they've planned a variety of activities and resources for you to follow along. Throughout the month, we’ll focus on getting active, getting mindful and getting outside.


Revision Aid

Our Officers are here to help you study with Revision Aid! Visit one of our stalls around campus for a hot drink, or take a look at some tips for making the most of your revision.


LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History month is so important not only to celebrate how far we have come as a society, but to also acknowledge the struggle and sacrifices of those who helped us get where we are now. There is still a huge war ahead of us, but it is important to celebrate our community and all the progress that we have mad. We hope we are able to spread more awareness about LGBTQ+ history month through all these events.


Industrial Action 2022/23

On the 26th January, the University and College Union (UCU) announced that the latest negotiations with the University and College Employers Association (UCEA) had fallen short in the dispute over pay and working conditions. With this announcement, the 18 days of strike action across February and March were confirmed. Whilst the SU has a stance of supporting the strikes and lobbying for refunds as mandated by our students, we hear the voices and concerns of students about their education, and the consequences that the 18 days of strike action will have. You can read more about Industrial Action here, including the events organised and actions taken by your Sabbatical Officers.


Speak Week

Speak Week is an annual campaign run by the Student Voice team, with support from Sabbatical Officers and Student Academic Reps. The aim of the campaign is to gather as much insight as possible from Cardiff students about what they would choose to change about their university experience, and what they find valuable and would elect to keep. The Students' Union uses this data every year to lobby the university for necessary changes, and to ensure your Officers know what issues are affecting you the most.


Cost of Living

We understand that the current Cost of Living Crisis is likely to affect the health, wellbeing, and academic experience of Cardiff students. Your Sabbatical Officers are working to ensure that a wide variety of measures are implemented to help alleviate some of the hardship faced by students. You can read more here, including the initial list of recommendations to the university.


Feed Your Flat: The Essentials

As part of the Students' Union's Cost of Living campaign, your Sabbatical Officers have brought back their Feed Your Flat campaign. Feed Your Flat: The Essentials focuses on bringing students the essentials they require to cook basic meals at home, with general supplies and easy recipes available.


Student Wins

The elected Sabbatical and Campaign Officers work hard to make positive changes to the experience of all Cardiff University students, and are supported by the work of Student Senators, Student Academic Representatives, and many more student volunteers who work with the Union. Take a look at some of the Student Wins they have achieved - and if you have achieved your own Student Win, make sure to let us know!


Black History Month

October marks Black History Month, an incredible opportunity for us to commemorate the history of Black communities and celebrate the immense contribution that people of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage make to humanity. In the student movement - and more widely - the term "Black" is a positive, political term born out of the struggle for equality. It is used to unify all Black communities in the campaign to end racism and under-representation. Find out more here


Heath Park on Tour

We're introducing a brand-new placement support project. The aim of this project is to support you during your placement experience  and to grow your student community whilst away from Cardiff. We understand the placement experience can be stressful and we want to do something small to give you the chance to unwind and take a break.  Heath Park on Tour will see us putting on a series of activities for you, where you are, on placement. These activities will be free and are aimed at bringing you together with other students. Book on here



PrEPare is a sexual safety campaign which aims to provide students with information to have sex safely. Whether that's information on what is PrEP and how to get it, or information on how to order your free STI testing kit, we have got you covered.