Campaigning is something you can get involved with while at University. If you feel something is unfair, there needs to be more awareness around an issue or you want to change the way we do things you can run a campaign.

Campaigning can be done in many different ways, from a march, to an awareness event to trying to change Union policy.

Campaign Officers are also run campaigns for specific groups of students. Here are a list of campaigns and you can contact the officers about getting involved in them! 

If you want to get involved or have an idea for a campaign, you can contact your Elected Officer Team to find out more information here!

NUS UK Campaigns

NUS UK run liberations conferences which you can be elected to attend! Any elections for the conferences are run through the respective Associations. 

This year is the 1st NUS UK Liberations Conference, and will be held on the 27th of May 2020. You can find out more information on their website.

NUS UK has a full Officer Team along with Liberation Officers who represent liberations groups for NUS UK, if you would like to contact them you can find all the details and how to contact them here.