Pink Week


October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), and this year we are turning Cardiff pink! BCAM is an opportunity to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and the importance of checking your chest regularly, and most importantly getting to know your normal! 


The importance of checking


Everyone has breast tissue – young, old, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Whatever you call your breast tissue – boobs, pecs, breasts, or chest – it’s important to check regularly.  


Why is it important to check?


If breast cancer is diagnosed early, it can be cured. That is why you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and regularly check your chest. 


  • 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime  
  • Around 2400 women under the age of 39 are diagnosed every year in the UK  
  • Around 400 men are diagnosed every year in the UK  


Symptoms of breast cancer may include:


  • Changes in skin texture, for example, puckering/dimpling.  
  • Lumps and thickening  
  • Nipple discharge  
  • Nipple inversion and changes in direction  
  • Swelling in your armpit or around collar bone  
  • Rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area.  
  • Sudden change in size and shape  
  • Constant, unusual pain in your breast or armpit  


To remind you to check your chest, there is a FREE text reminder service run by CoppaFeel! If you text ‘UBT CARDIFF’ to 82228 you will receive an awesome boob themed pun on the first of every month to remind you!  


Pink Week Events

Throughout the week, we are hosting a range of events from outreach stalls to boob themed craft and some awesome SU takeovers!  

If you or your club/society are hosting an event in aid of Breast Cancer awareness month, or if you would like to get involved, please email