Student Academic Reps

Student Academic Reps serve as a vital link between students and the school, university and Students' Union. Each programme across the university has Student Academic Reps, who are elected to represent their cohort on educational matters. The Student Voice team in the Students' Union work closely with the university to ensure that the Student Academic Representation system works, that students have regular opportunities to provide feedback, and that Reps are supported effectively.


The main role of a Student Academic Rep is to listen to feedback from their peers, and take this forward for discussion with staff members at regular Student Staff Panels - meetings designed to facilitate constructive conversation between Reps and school staff. Reps also work closely with university staff to find solutions to ongoing issues, and to help feed this back to the cohort. Reps are not expected to deal with any issues that are not academic, or related directly to their programme of study.


Student Academic Reps work closely with the Student Voice team in the Students' Union, attending appropriate training, receiving regular newsletters, and joining in with additional opportunities. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the Rep role, or contact

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