DIY Day Trips

We have created for you the perfect way to explore your local area and must-see sights around Cardiff with your household. All trips are fun, accessible by foot, bike or on easily available public transport from the Students’ Union building and ideal for those on a budget. We’ve tried to include as much information as we can, including any specific guidance surrounding Covid-19 affected operations. Make sure to plan ahead where necessary to ensure you make the most of each trip.

Click on the images to download the guides

Cardiff Volunteering Meet n Mingle - Chimp&See
3rd November
The comfort of your own home
Can chimpanzee behavior tell us more about the origins of humanity? Analyze footage of chimpanzee's and chat with other volunteers.
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Harry Potter Society Virtual Scavenger Hunt!
5th-7th November
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Rescue your head of house from Lord Voldemort
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Cardiff Medics Yoga and Wellbeing Society Medics Yoga Give It A Go
11th November
Virtual event (link tbc)
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Students for Global Health Society Food Insecurity in the UK
3rd December
Virtual event (link tbc)
Learn more about food poverty in the UK - a problem closer to home than you might think.