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What's On

Give it a Go Jiu Jitsu
2nd March
Talybont Dojo
Give martial arts a try!
Give It A Go Manga Library
2nd March
The Lounge, 3rd Floor of the Union
Come and sample our collection!
Give It A Go Sci Fi
2nd March
Meet outside SU
Give sci-fi a go!
Give it a Go Slash Hip Hop Regular Class
2nd March
Room 4J or CF10, Students' Union (Check the Slash Facebook page)
Come and give Slash Hip Hop a Go!

Box Office

Stiff Little Fingers
8th March
Y Plas
Plus special guests
Sleaford Mods
10th March
Plus special guests
The Stranglers
10th March
Y Plas
Plus special guests
13th March
The Great Hall
Plus special guests


Election Results 2015

Introducing your winning candidates

Statement: Elections 2015

An update on this year's election process

Kindles ac iPads am ddim!

‘Mae swyddogion gwael yn cael eu hethol gan bobl dda sydd ddim yn pleidleisio’ - Mae’n amser i ddew

Change to the Eduroam Wi-Fi service

Find out more about the new security feature for the ‘eduroam’ Wi-Fi service

Datganiad ar y Bil Gwrthderfysgaeth a Diogelwch

Ein datganiad ar y Bil Gwrthderfysgaeth a Diogelwch


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