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Box Office

Declan Mckenna (SOLD OUT)
10th September
Great Hall
The Brand New Heavies
11th September
Y Plas
The Boomtown Rats (CANCELLED)
12th September
Great Hall
Fontaines D.C. (SOLD OUT)
14th October
Great Hall
15th October
Great Hall
From the Jam & The Selecter
16th October
Great Hall
Becky Hill
17th October
Great Hall
21st October
Great Hall
Public Service Broadcasting
24th October
Great Hall
Holding Absence
28th October
Y Plas
The Hunna
4th November
Great Hall
6th November
The Great Hall
Thomas Headon
11th November
Y Plas
Kelly Lee Owens
25th November
Y Plas

Your Blogs

What is the Financial Assistance Programme and Why You Should Know About It

Megha Roy, your International Students' Officer, shines light on the Financial Assistance Programme a

How raising money for charity can keep you active and help those in need

Asha Armin, Member of the Education Executive Committee talks about how doing exercise for charity is

Mind Your Head’s Guide to Motivation

Mind Your Head's President, Darrian Harris reveals all the tips and tricks to help you stay motivated

What’s exciting in Wales and how are Welsh students treated?

Your BAME Officer's experiences of Wales and Welsh culture having now lived in Cardiff for 5 years |

Go Green Week: Your Carbon Footprint

Discover the small lifestyle changes we can make to help save the planet and tackle the Climate Emerg

Don't Ovary Act | Mynd Efo’r Llif

Georgie talks about periods, removing stigma and why bleeding is bloody brilliant

Being Trans and Disabled

Trigger warnings this article includes ableism and transphobia



A statement from your Sabbatical Officers

The impact of the Scaling Policy 2021

Update: new Park Place entrance

We have a new temporary entrance on Park Place

Enriching Student Life Awards Winners 2021 | Enillwyr Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywydau Myfyrwyr 2021

See the full list of winners announced in our live event on Thursday 20th May

Enriching Student Life Awards Shortlist 2021 | Rhestr fer Gwobrau Cyfoethogi Bywyd Myfyrwyr 2021

Nominees have been announced for this year's Awards | Cyhoeddi enwebedigion Gwobrau eleni

Indoor opening: Monday 17th May

Latest updates for The Taf, Study Caffi and more.

Statement: 23rd April 2021

Trigger Warning – This statement discusses the topics of rape and sexual harassment.