Student Advice is committed to being as accessible to students as possible. That's why we've introduced our new Webchat function. By clicking on the tab on the bottom-right of your screen, you will be able to talk to a member of our triage team from 0900-1700 every weekday. This is your opportunity to ask any specific questions that you have, or be signposted to a different service if appropriate.


When emailing please include your student number and as much information as necessary that relates to your case. This will help our Student Advisers support you to the best of their abilities. Your email will be allocated to an Adviser within normal working hours, and once allocated you can expect a response within five working days.


By calling 02920781410 you can speak to a member of our Triage Team. They will ask you some basic information about you, such as your student number, and then assist with your enquiry if they can, or they will otherwise allocate your case to one of our Sudent Advisers, who should be in touch with you within five working days.


Appointments are offered by Student Advice staff when they believe that an appointment is necessary to the provision of advice. This could be because of the serious nature or complexity of a case, or because additional support needs mean that an appointment ensures the accessibility of our service to all students of Cardiff University.


At the bottom of each advice webpage you can find a webform which allows you to either ask for more information about that topic of advice or ask a specific question that the webpage has not answered. This webpage will be sent to a Student Adviser, so please include all relevant information so that our staff can support you in the best possible way.


All of our staff work within the normal working hours of 0900-1700 every week day, with an hour for lunch. Your enquiry will be allocated to an adviser within that time, and you can expect a response within five working days. For more information please see our Service Charter.