Policies and Procedures

Student Advice Confidentiality Statement

Student Advice is committed to providing confidential advice, information and support.

Student Advice is an independent service.

If you are concerned about disclosing information in our reception area please ask to speak to someone in private.

Student Advice does not share the information you give us with other individuals and/or organisations outside of Cardiff University Students' Union without your express permission except in very exceptional circumstances; for example, if we believe that you or other people are at risk of serious harm.

Customer Care Statement

The Student Advice service is one that is committed to providing strictly confidential, neutral and non-prejudice support and guidance.

We see every student as an individual and treat each student with respect and dignity as these are the core values within our service.

With approachable staff, we pride ourselves on providing a warm, friendly and open minded service. Each adviser strives to achieve the best possible outcome for every student, whether it be looking for housing or an academic appeal.

Intertwined within our core values is our confidentiality agreement. This ensures that all students who use our service are provided with the upmost discretion.

We provide support in a number of areas and tackle each problem with a ‘can do’ attitude. However, we will be honest and transparent if we do not believe it is possible to achieve the desired outcome. With our core values in mind, we endeavour to support students to help themselves through their time at university.