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Wednesday 2nd December

I hope it’s not too early to say Nadolig Llawen. This is just me getting too excited over everything about Christmas. It’s truly the best time of the year in every season and situation. I do understand this may not look like the Christmas you are used to and for most of you, home is still a thousand miles away. But, I am hoping you will be able to make the most out of this Christmas, regardless. There’s always some silver linings beneath every cloud. So, let the sky be your stepping stone.

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University Christmas Updates

International Students

There are different requirements to enter different countries. So, you may need to check the requirements of your destination country prior to travel and book your testing, appropriately.

The Cardiff University screening service is a community testing service, and is not accredited to provide certificates for international students to travel outside the UK. The NHS also does not provide a testing service for the purposes of a fit to travel certificate. If you are traveling outside the UK and your designated country requires a certificate, you may need to arrange for a private test from an accredited provider. An online search will provide you with a number of options including those available from high street chemists. Further advice on foreign travels is available on the Gov. Wales website.

I am always here for you and I will always be. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback or you need your voices amplified on any issue. Your concerns are valid, whoever they may please. Don’t tell me the things you think I want to hear, tell me what I need to know!

Please, take care of yourself and one another.

May the odds always be in your favours. Merry Christmas.

Jane (VP, Postgraduate Students).

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Your feedback and concerns

I know you have issues and feedback to raise with the University and Students' Union. To help me prioritise the issues that are important to you for 2021, please log in and add your feedback to the boxes below. You may have done this already some years back or even at the start and all through the year. Any issues I have been made aware of so far have all been raised through the right channels. But, there are others I may not know about. Thank you.

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Please log in to complete this survey.

Postgraduate Community

There is a large and active postgraduate community in Cardiff and we are working each year to build on this. If you would like to get more involved or have an idea, get in touch with Jane at VPPostgraduate@cardiff.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research Students' Association

This Association represents all postgraduate research students at the university. They provide a platform for socialising, to cultivate a sense of community and support for PGRs during their time here at Cardiff, as well as formal representation of the collective PGR interests. Membership of the Association is free - join here.

Cardiff Students Postgraduate Network

The Cardiff Students Postgraduate Network is a Facebook group for all postgraduate students that seeks to develop an active, strong and vibrant postgraduate community here at Cardiff. The network combines both Research and Taught students in order to develop a supportive research environment as well as promoting the diverse and exciting extra-curricular opportunities available to postgrads. The network gives you the chance to find out about academic and social events, get in contact with fellow students and find out more information about what’s going on in the postgrad community. The PG network is led by the Cardiff Students’ Postgraduate Association, the Vice President Postgraduate Students and the Students’ Union. They are there to listen to your views, to advise, to take effective action, and to support and facilitate your ideas, whether this be for social events or improvements in your academic experience. Don’t forget to like the page to stay updated!

Academic Reps

At Cardiff University, you get an input into your academic experience. Each year, the Students' Union trains and supports over 1,000 Reps across the University. These Reps serve as the vital link between peers, Schools, the University and the Students' Union on educational matters. They are the Voice for your school and year group. Contact your Rep.

UCU Union

It's time for more PhD rights, training and support. Your Students’ Union and many others across the country agree. Join the UCU Union for FREE!

The UCU Union provides targeted support for postgraduates who teach, on a wide range of topics including: Employment Rights, Representation, Professional Development, Training and Advice.