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It’s time for more PhD rights, training and support. Your Students’ Union and many others across the country agree. Join the UCU Union for FREE! The UCU Union provides targeted support for postgraduates who teach, on a wide range of topics including: Employment Rights, Representation, Professional Development, Training and Advice.

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Postgraduate Pay Tariff

From the 2nd of October a new PGR teaching pay tariff is in operation across the university. It sets out how much Graduate Tutors and Graduate Demonstrators will get paid for teaching or demonstrating in the university. The tariff was sent to all schools a number of weeks ago.

Tariffs October 2017 (English) Tariffs October 2017(Cymraeg)

December Newsletter

Hi everyone, good luck with everything you’re working on at the moment, I know the approach to Christmas is often really busy so make sure that you take regular breaks and that you’re looking after yourself.

There’s lots going on in the Postgraduate community at the moment, from wellbeing to financial support, socials and housing, so have a look below. If you think the Students’ Union can help you with anything, please email me at VPPostgraduate@Cardiff.ac.uk and I’ll see what I can do.

What else you need to know:

  • We want your feedback on support services. Complete our Counselling and Wellbeing survey to give your views
  • We held our Annual General Meeting on the 23rd November. Find our which motions passed or fell
  • Postgrad Christmas Social - follow me on Facebook for more details

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Do you want my job?

As VP Postgraduate, you can make a real, lasting difference to Postgraduate students at Cardiff University. Find out more

Upcoming Events

ABACUS goes to Bristol! GIAG
24th February 10am - 7pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Bristol Banksy Tour
24th February 10am - 7pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Come with us to see the early art work of a man who inspired a phenomenon, defined an artistic epoch and continues to cause controversy with every lick of spray paint.
Bristol Day Trip
24th February 10am - 7pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Bristol Zoo
24th February 10am - 7pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Stonehenge and Salisbury Trip
25th February 9am - 8pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Cambridge Day Trip
3rd March 7am - 9:30pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Ogmore-by-Sea Trip
4th March 10am - 6pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Ogmore-by-Sea Walk
4th March 10am - 6pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
SU Edinburgh Trip!
8th March 10pm - 11th March 11:30pm
Edinburgh, Scotland
Cardiff Jailbreak 2018
9th March 2pm - 11th March 6pm
Cardiff Students' Union
How Far Will You Go?
Dartmouth Trip
10th March 9am - 8pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Waterfall Walking
11th March 10am - 5pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Playzone Trip
16th March 7pm - 3am
Back of Students' Union
Rhossili Beach
17th March 9am - 8pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Stonehenge & Salisbury
18th March 9am - 8pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.

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