Nerd Varsity 2019

Do you have what it takes to challenge our Nerds? Prepare for two weeks of intense nerdy competition, with everything from a Quidditch match to a lightsaber battle, from running like an anime character to the nerdiest of quizzes.

Test yourselves against the strongest of foes from the seven most nerdy societies, and try to come out on top as a champion.

Each day, the societies (or the Challenger Group) can win a number of points for their team, and you can choose where your allegiances will lie. At the end of the two weeks, the points will be totalled to pronounce which group are the champions of Nerd Varsity.

£4 for members of the societies, or £5 for non-members, will guarantee you entry and participation in any of the events over the course of the two weeks - all profits will go to the winner's choice of charity at the end of Nerd Varsity (Challenger Group winnings will go to Cardiff Volunteering).




This product is not on sale.

This product is not on sale.