Nerd Varsity

Nerd Varsity 2024

19th February - 10th March

Welcome to Nerd Varsity! This is a multi-society event for several of the nerdier societies compete in a wide range of events to win money for their chosen charities! With over 15 events, including fighting with lightsabers, making short films, a boardgame tournament, and loads more, there's bound to be loads of events you'll want to compete in!

You can compete for your favourite society, or take part as a Challenger instead! All the money we raise goes to the winning society's charity, which includes both tickets and merch! So if you want to grab a t-shirt with your society’s logo, you can be sure it’s going to a good cause! Whether it’s playing Mario Kart or overseeing a RISK game, painting miniatures or acting in a film, we hope to see you there!

Sci-fi & Fantasy Society, competing for Trans Aid Cymru
CRITS, competing for Umbrella Cymru
Gaming Society, competing for Dog's Trust
Anime Society, competing for MIND
Doctor Who Society, competing for the Brain Tumor Charity
Film & Creative Writing Societies, competing for Trans Aid Cymru
Airsoft Society and TecSoc, competing for Hero Paws and the British Heart Foundation
Challengers, competing for CUSU

£4.20 for members of the Societies, or £5 for non-members, will guarantee you entry and participation in any of the events over the course of the three weeks - all profits will go to the winner's choice of charity at the end of Nerd Varsity (Challenger Group winnings will go to Cardiff Volunteering's choice of charity).

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Nerd Varsity Winners

2023: CRITS

2022: Anime Society

2021: Anime Society

2020: CRITS and Gaming Society

2019: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

2018: Gaming Society

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Who's Winning?

Who's Winning?

Fixture Placement
Movie Fights
Potion Making
CRITS Gauntlet
Miniature Painting
Boardgames Tournament
MarioKart Tournament
Smash Bros Tournament
Airsoft Capture the Flag
Lightsabre Tournament
Battle Robot Tournament
Murder Mystery
Cosplay Competition
Finale Quiz
Short Film Competition
Anime Dubbing

All Events

All Events

Below is a list of all events throughout the Nerd Varsity period