Nerd Varsity

Nerd Varsity 2023

2023 Nerd Varsity Winners are CRITS

The proceeds from this years tickets will be donated to CRITS's chosen charity, Trans Aid Cymru!

20th February - 12th March

Do you have what it takes to challenge our Nerds? Prepare for three weeks of intense nerdy competition, with everything from Lightsaber battles to Mariokart, from Board game tournaments to the nerdiest of quizzes.

Test yourselves against the strongest of foes from the seven most nerdy Societies, and try to come out on top as a champion!

Each day, the Societies (or the Challenger Group, if you feel like taking them on) can win a number of points for their team, and you can choose where your allegiances will lie. At the end of the three weeks, the points will be totalled to pronounce which group are the Ultimate Champions of Nerd Varsity.

£4.20 for members of the Societies, or £5 for non-members, will guarantee you entry and participation in any of the events over the course of the three weeks - all profits will go to the winner's choice of charity at the end of Nerd Varsity (Challenger Group winnings will go to Cardiff Volunteering's choice of charity).

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Nerd Varsity Winners

2023: CRITS

2022: Anime Society

2021: Anime Society

2020: CRITS and Gaming Society

2019: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

2018: Gaming Society

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Who's Winning?

Who's Winning?

Scoring system (Unless stated otherwise):

1st: 16 points, 2nd: 14 points, 3rd: 12 points, 4th: 10 points, 5th: 8 points, 6th: 6 points, 7th: 4 points, 8th: 2 points.

If a team has no participants for an event they automatically place 8th but receive no points. Places 7th and above will receive scores as normal.

Fixture Placement
Movie Fights 1st: Sci-Fan 2nd: Gaming 3rd: CRITS 4th: MUN 5th: Harry Potter, Film, Anime 8th/No Participants: Challengers (0 points)
Figure Painting Best Painted: Steve-O (CRITS: 3 pts), Best Rookie Painted: Katy (Challengers:2 pts), Best Speed Painted: Charlie (Anime: 1 pt), Best Pride Marine: Echo (Sci-Fan: 1 pt), Best Box Art: Julia (Challengers: 1 pt), Best Non-Metallic Metal: Eddie (Sci-Fan: 1 pt), Most Unique Paint Job: Ethan (Gaming: 1pt), Best Classic Paint Scheme: Oli (Gaming: 1pt)
Smash Bros Tournament 1st: Gaming 2nd: CRITS 3rd: Sci-Fan 4th: Anime and Challengers 6th: Film 7th: Harry Potter 8th: MUN
Risk Battle 1st: Film 2nd: Gaming 3rd: MUN 4th: Anime 5th: Challengers 6th: CRITS 7th: Sci-fan 8th/no participants: Harry Potter (0 points)
Ted Talks Competition 1st: Gaming 2nd: Anime 3rd: CRITS 4th: MUN 5th: Sci-Fan 6th: Film 7th: Challengers 8th: Harry Potter
MarioKart Tournament 1st: Challengers 2nd: Gaming 3rd: CRITS 4th: Anime 5th: Sci-Fan 6th: Film 7th: MUN and Harry Potter 8th: -
Worldbuilding Competition 1st: Sci-Fan 2nd: Anime 3rd: Gaming 4th: MUN 5th: Film 6th: CRITS 7th: Harry Potter 8th/No Participants: Challengers (0 Points)
Board Gaming Tournament 1st: CRITS 2nd: Sci-Fan 3rd: Challengers 4th: Film 5th: Gaming 6th: MUN and Anime 7th: - 8th/No Participants: Harry Potter (0 Points)
Potion Making 1st: MUN 2nd: CRITS 3rd: Anime and Challengers 4th: - 5th: Gaming and Sci-Fan 6th: - 7th: Harry Potter 8th/No Participants: Film (0 Points)
Lightsabre Battles 1st: Sci-Fan 2nd: MUN 3rd: CRITS 4th: Anime 5th: Harry Potter and Film 6th: - 7th: Gaming 8th: Challengers
Cosplay Competition 1st: CRITS 2nd: Challengers 3rd: Gaming 4th: MUN 5th: Sci-Fan 6th: Anime 7th: Film 8th: Harry Potter
Film Competition 1st: Gaming 2nd: Sci-Fan 3rd: Anime 4th: CRITS 5th: Challengers 6th: MUN 7th: - 8th/no entries: Harry Potter and Film (0 Points)
Dubbing Competition 1st: Gaming 2nd: CRITS 3rd: Sci-Fan 4th: Anime 5th: Challengers 6th: - 7th: - 8th/no entries: MUN, Film and Harry Potter (0 Points)
Finale Quiz 1st: Sci-Fan 2nd: CRITS 3rd: Challengers 4th: MUN 5th: Gaming 6th: Anime 7th: Harry Potter 8th: Film

All Events

All Events

Below is a list of all events throughout the Nerd Varsity period