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Register your Give it a Go Session for Fresher’s 2018/2019

The deadline for submitting sessions in time for the Fresher’s 2018/2019 booklet is Friday 20th July 2018. After this time we cannot guarantee that your session will be in the booklet, but we will still be able to advertise it via our website.

We've designed the process of registering your Give it a Go to be as easy as possible. Just complete the form below and we'll set your session up as an event from your cardiffstudents.com account. Once uploaded, committee members will have admin rights to view, edit and amend content and ticket sales.

If you have any questions or you need help please check the FAQs for Clubs and Societies here.

If you would like to view previous booklets you can look here.

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We will get back to you with any questions and let you know when your session is approved.