HCARE Student Academic Reps

Bachelor of Midwifery

Year 1:

Lucy Daunt

Charles Pounot-Barrier

Rachael Spencer

Lucy Twiddy

Hannah Budd


Year 2:

Florence Bourgeios

Beth Ellis

Amelia Rees

Rachael Spencer


Year 3:

Leila Bel Haj

Becki Brown

Alannah Travers


Bachelor of Nursing (Adult)
Bachelor of Nursing (Child)
Bachelor of Nursing (Mental Health)
BSc Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging
BSc Occupational Therapy
BSc Operating Department Practice
BSc Physiotherapy
BSc Radiotherapy and Oncology
MSc Occupational Therapy
MSc Physiotherapy
MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-Reg)
MSc Radiography
PGDip Occupational Therapy
Specialist Community Public Health Nursing