CARBS Student Academic Reps

BSc Accounting and Finance

Year 1:

Muhammad Altamash Abbas


Year 2:

Sultan Alhajri

Qiqi Su

Ansh Sonchhatra

Dev Arora


Year 3:

Chenxin Zhang

Cameron Appleby

Xueliang Song


Placement Year:

Daniel Grove


BSc Business Management
BSc Economics
BSc Economics and Finance
BSc Economics and Politics
BSc Banking and Finance
MSc Business Management
MSc Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship
MSc Marketing
MSc Strategic Marketing
MSc Accounting & Finance
MSc Financial Economics
MSc International Management
MSc Maritime Policy & Shipping Management
MSc International Economics, Banking and Finance
MSc Logistics & Operations Management
MSc Sustainable Supply Chain Management
MSc International Managament
PhD in Business & Management
PhD in Economics