What is 'Policy'?

There are different types of policy at Cardiff University and Cardiff Students' Union.


University policy is created by university staff, with input from student representatives, including the elected Sabbatical Officers. Such policy may include reference to campus spaces, the recording of lectures, and support services. 


Students' Union policy is proposed, debated, and passed by students, and provides the framework within which the Union and its elected Officers operate. This may provide policies by which the Students' Union needs to abide, or provide a mandate for elected Officers to lobby the university for change.

How is Students' Union policy created?


As a students' union we engage with you on issues that are affecting you, the student body here at Cardiff University. With your responses and feedback, we work (with you and your elected representatives) to refine written definitions and action.


Student Senate, AGM, and College Forums are all examples of how we use our representative and democratic structures to ensure policies you want, happen.

Recently the student voice team presented at the Wise Wales Partnership Conference on changes to the Quality Assurance Framework and the Quality review process in partnership with HEFCW.

What to do if you have an idea?

Cardiff Students' Union is a student-led organisation. This means big or small, practical or political, whatever the nature of your idea we want to hear about it! Simply push the button below and sumbit your idea.



If you want some help or advice formulating your idea feel free to contact the Student Voice team. Sometimes you might have an idea that is of a more practical/operational nature. We want to hear all about these ideas too! 

Policy Book

Our Policy Book, found below, holds all the current policies in operation. If you would like to submit a policy to student senate or AGM, please do! The Student Voice team is more than happy to help you in the formation of your policy submission. Remember, policy lapses after three years.


Policy passed by AGM
April 2021
Commitment to Improving Student Safety

AGM Resolves


1. To lobby the University to fulfil their commitment to Student safety.


2. Concentrating on improving communication and processes regarding:


i. Reporting of incidents and disclosures (including harassment, hate crime, sexual violence, relationship abuse and other forms of unacceptable behaviour).


ii. The University Complaints procedure to ensure appropriate/timely sanctions are in place to protect student wellbeing and academia.


iii. Existing safeguarding and student safety related policies


3. For VP Welfare to work with relevant Elected officers to develop Union initiatives to improve student safety alongside the University Commitment, focusing on prevention initiatives as well as reconciliation.


4. To work in with University, Police, external organisations and Council to improve Student Safety. Concentrating on:


i. Empowering and supporting students to disclose


ii. Education and advice.


iii. Changes to the physical environment to promote safety.


iv. Implementing compulsory and universal training for all students within the induction period. This will make sure students understand behaviour expectations, are empowered to call out others and know the consequences for breaches.


5. To communicate actions taken by the Union effectively with members.


Proposed by Georgie East and Jude Pickett


Seconded by Polly Denny


Passed by AGM 27/04/2021


November 2019
Adopt an official pro-choice stance

AGM Resolves


1. Cardiff University Students’ Union will publicly announce their stance as pro-choice and clearly state on the CUSU “Pregnancy Support” webpage and any other applicable webpages such as in the “Policy” webpage.


2. Changing the pregnancy and abortion related terminology throughout the Students’ Union to make it unbiased and medically accurate. For example, on the CUSU “Pregnancy Support” webpage referring to a “foetus” at 13-weeks, instead of a “baby”.


3. Addition of links to unbiased, medically accurate, academically referenced and up-to-date information regarding pregnancy and abortion on the CUSU website.


4. Up-to-date information on pregnancy, abortion and where to seek medical help on the back of the SU toilet stall doors to ensure students in abusive relationships can also access the information.


5. The VP of Welfare and Campaigns will be responsible for ensuring that the Students’ Union campaigns and strategies support the pro-choice stance to provide an equal, safe and inclusive environment for students.


6. The VP of Welfare and Campaigns, in collaboration with the Mental Health, Women’s and LGBT+ officers, will create a pro-choice awareness campaign that highlights the importance of access to safe and legal abortion using statistically and/or medically backed information.


7. The VP of Societies and Volunteering will be responsible for ensuring that Students’ Union affiliated societies do not spread misinformation about abortion and pregnancy nor participate in activities against SU policy.


8. The Students’ Union and Cardiff University should work together to ensure that students understand their rights to bodily autonomy and abortion.


Proposed by: Isadora Sinha


Seconded by: Emily Millward


Passed by AGM 21/11/2019


Radical Environmental Policy

AGM Resolves


1. That Cardiff University Students’ Union must create and begin distributing a ‘Tell the Truth’ campaign about the climate and ecological crises on campus by the end of the next academic term. This must be actioned by at least the VP Welfare, VP Education and Ethical and Environmental Officer, and be done in collaboration with interested campaigning groups and environmental groups such as Extinction Rebellion Cardiff Students.


2. That the Students’ Union, through those elected officers and collaborative groups, must lobby the University to communicate the truth about these crises to students by the end of the next academic term.


3. That the Students’ Union must commit to both halting any biodiversity loss in its actions and a carbon net zero target of 2025. These commitments must be added to the Students’ Union’s environmental policy immediately.


4. That the Students’ Union must lobby the University to commit immediately, in its environmental policy, to halting any biodiversity loss in its actions and to a carbon net zero target of 2025.


Proposed by: Matt Tomlin


Seconded by: Jordan Leeming


Passed by AGM 21/11/2019


UCU Strike

AGM Resolves


1. To mandate elected officers to stand in solidarity with UCU and publish a public statement of support for 2018/19 action, before the 25th November


2. To mandate the elected officers to work with UCU and encourage the university to meet the demands of the union regarding the Four Fights and pensions


3. To mandate the elected officers to give UCU a communication platform with students online and offline to raise awareness about the UCU strike and demands


4. The Students’ Union should work with UCU to facilitate and promote ‘Teach Out’ sessions for students during the strike period


5. The Students’ Union should lobby the University for fee reimbursements for any lost contact hours.


6. The Vice President Postgraduate Students will encourage PGR students who teach, that want to support the strike, to join UCU and apply to the UCU Strike fund – a fund that subsidises lost income for those that strike.


7. The Vice President Postgraduate will encourage students to support and engage with staff at rallies and on the picket lines


Proposed by Hebe Fletcher


Seconded by Joe Healy


Passed by AGM 21/11/2019


A commitment to tackling institutional racism at Cardiff

AGM Resolves


1. The University to publicly acknowledge its duty to act on these findings and commit to finding solutions.


2. To call on the University to release a public statement to the ECHR report, outlining what response is being taken and a commitment to timescales for implementing recommendations.


3. The Students’ Union to work with the University to find solutions and implement changes at Cardiff, ensuring student voices are heard in developing the next steps.


4. The Students’ Union to work with the National Union of Students Wales to lobby Higher Education Funding Council Wales (HEFCW) to ensure the recommendation from this report is acted upon and clear expectations are set on Universities from the funding body.


Proposed by: Jackie Yip, Students’ Union President


Seconded by: Cindy Ikie, Black and Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer


Passed by AGM 21/11/2019


Make Cardiff University Students' Union a Living Wage Employee

AGM Resolves


1. That Cardiff Students’ Union applies to the Living Wage Foundation for Living Wage accreditation as soon as the necessary steps are taken.


2. That all current and newly employed staff at Cardiff University Students’ Union are given a Living Wage of at least £9.30 per hour within the next three academic years in accordance with the Living Wage Campaign. (5)


3. To ensure that there are no cuts to Mental Health services as a result of the implementation of the Real Living Wage.


4. That Cardiff University Students’ Union immediately start planning to employ all on site contractors with the Living Wage within the next three academic years.


Proposed by: Leo Holmes


Seconded by: Elinor Cheason


Passed by AGM 21/11/2019


November 2018
Full-Time Welsh Language Officer

AGM Notes


1. Cardiff University Students Union does not currently have a full time Welsh Language Sabbatical Officer post.


2. That other Welsh universities - Aberystwyth and Bangor, have a full time Welsh Language Sabbatical officer who are members of the executive team of each students’ union, and that from 2019/2020 Swansea University will also have one.

3. The current Welsh Language Campaign officer has been elected on a mandate to secure a full-time officer within Cardiff University Students Union.


4. The newly elected committee of UMCC (Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Caerdydd - Cardiff University’s Welsh Students’ Union) has also been elected on a mandate to secure a full-time officer within Cardiff University Students’ Union.


5. University figures show that there is currently nearly 3,300 Welsh language speaking students at Cardiff.


6. Other Students’ Unions in the UK such as Manchester and Loughborough, for example, have a larger team of full-time officers to represent the student body than Cardiff currently has.


AGM Believes


1. That itis time to follow in the footsteps of other Welsh Universities and fully represent Welsh students through creating a new full-time role.


2. That it is financially viable as it would attract more Welsh speaking students to the Welsh Capital to study in the only Russel Group university in Wales.


3. An 8th full time officer should be created in order to ensure there is enough capacity within the Sabbatical Officer team to ensure representation for Welsh speaking students.


4. That this will mean there will be a dedicated Student representative who will be able to fully dedicate their time to ensuring that the Union and University are complying with the Welsh Language standards and rights for Welsh students, put forward by the Welsh Government and enforced by the Welsh Language Commissioner.


5. In addition to enforcing language rights, that this officer will be able to promote Welsh culture to all students within the Union and University

AGM Resolves


1. To send a democratic mandate to the CUSU Board of Trustees to amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association as below:


2. To amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Students Union to create capacity for an eight full time role.


3. Amend point 22.1 of the Memorandum and Articles to: “not more than 8 Sabbatical Trustees, elected in accordance with Article 23;”.


4. Amend point 22.2 of the Memorandum and Articles to: “not more than 4 Student Trustees, appointed in accordance with Article 24;”.


5. Amend point 23.2 of the Memorandum and Articles to: “Up to 8 Sabbatical Trustees shall be elected in accordance with Article 23.1 to posts specified in the ByeLaws and shall include the President. Each of these Sabbatical Trustees shall hold office as a Sabbatical Trustee until he or she ceases to be a Sabbatical Trustee in accordance with Articles 27 or 28. Except where otherwise indicated, references in these Articles to “Sabbatical Trustees” are to individuals acting solely in their capacity as Sabbatical Trustees.”.


6. If a full-time post is created for a Welsh language officer, that this officer also becomes President of the UMCC.

Passed by AGM 04/12/2018

Sweatshop Free Champion

AGM Notes


1. The electronics industry is one of the primary sources of sweat shop labour.


2. Between 2014 and 2016, Cardiff University spent between 2.5 and 3 million pounds on electronic hardware each year.


3. Due to the nature of the electronics industry, it is exceptionally difficult to identify the unethical sources.


4. Electronics watch is a non-profitable organisation who produce actionable intelligence on the supply chain and ethicality of electronics factories. They also provide support for workers within these factories.


5. A subscription fee to electronics watch would cost Cardiff University five thousand pounds annually. This sum is only 0.16% of what Cardiff University put into the industry in 2016


AGM Believes


1. That the Union has a duty to encourage ethical and transparent behaviour from the University


2. That students, given the fact that technology is such a fundamental part of academic life, should have access to ethically sourced hardware


3. That the University, as an intellectual leader of our society, should act in solidarity with workers in the global electronics industry


4. That the University should join the organizations and universities that have subscribed to Electronics Watch


AGM Resolves


1. To endorse the call for Cardiff University to subscribe to Electronics Watch


Proposed by: Harvey Langley


Seconded by: Hannah Redfearn


Passed by AGM 04/12/2018


Fight for Funds

Please request a full copy of the motion from AGM@cardiff.ac.uk - as the motion is too long for the system to show it in its entirety.


AGM Resolves


1. Elective officers to lobby Cardiff University (CU) to agree to enter monthly progress meetings with key stakeholders from CUSU and external bodies to monitor & continually develop this service. This will be a SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time sensitive) objective.


2. Elected officers to lobby CU for a timeframe of events. By July 2019 the University will have entered into an agreement for long term investment and produce a 5-year plan on further implementation & funding for this problem.


3. As students we want elected officers to get CU to agree to a thorough evaluation of the current complaints system and commit to modifying current policies to include an informal complaints system and an allocation of investigating officer within 3 weeks. This would provide the space for restorative mediation.


4. Elective officers to proactively work with CU to improve provisions for our LGBT+ students presenting to campus services with sexual assault, harassment & domestic violence.


5. We are mandating the 2018/2019 elective officer team to take a motion to Student Senate and then to NUS national conference or NUS NEC. The motion will aim to present our Universities template on tackling sexual assault and it will ask for the NUS to adopt this template. It will also act as a vessel to obtain further funding and investment in this area.


6. Elected officers are to continue open dialogue and active lobbying of Welsh Government for them to adopt a similar approach in tackling sexual violence and abuse.


Passed by AGM 04/12/2018


Policy passed by Senate
Academic Year 2020/21
Add the Q

Submitted by Lucas Jakabovic


Across the entire university, we use the acronym LGBT+, but adding a Q to form LGBTQ+ is far more inclusive and relevant and shows that we, as a university, are not only inclusive but aware of changes within the community and up to date with our inclusion.


What is your idea?


Add the Q to LGBT+ to include students who are questioning or identify as Queer.


Passed by Senate 17/11/2020


Embed Sustainable Development Goals into Cardiff University Students' Union working framework

Submitted by Julia Komar


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set out as a universal call action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity by 2030. The SU is doing a lot towards those goals, for example for mental health, good quality education or climate action. But even more could be done to enhance the experience of every single student.


What is your idea?


Embedding SDGs into the working framework would ensure the SU can track and plan their actions allined with SDGs. Moreover, having a tracker on the website would make students more informed. Students would be able to submit their ideas and/or feedback about specific actions, ensuring we are working together towards SDGs.


Passed by Senate 15/12/2020


Cardiff University Students' Union to Commit to Carbon Neutrality by 2030

Submitted by Julia Komar


What is your idea?


The Climate Emergency status was passed through Senate last year, however, there is no mention of when the SU is to become carbon neutral by. This addition would ensure there is a clear goal to be working towards, that is both achievable and necessary, in accordance with the Welsh Government guidelines.


Passed by Senate 15/12/2020

A Referendum on Supporting Potential Industrial Action

Submitted by Samuel Tilley


An indicative Cardiff UCU ballot has shown support for strike action and for action short of a strike (ASOS) as a result of working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. This may cause concern both for students who have already faced significant obstruction to teaching this year and for those Postgraduates who also teach.


What is your idea?


In previous years, the SU has had a clear stance on industrial action due to AGM motions. Considering the challenges in holding large scale meetings this year, an online referendum should instead be held in order to gauge student support for potential industrial action in this academic year. The question would be: “Should the Students’ Union support potential UCU industrial action in the academic year 2020/21?”


This was amended to ‘the Senate agrees to call an emergency meeting if a strike is called’.


Passed by Senate 04/02/21


Academic Year 2019/20
Change from LGBT+ Officer (Women) to LGBT+ (Trans)

What is the problem?


Currently, with an Open Place and a Women's Place LGBT+ Officer, trans issues may be overlooked by the officer structure. In the media, we see shockingly poor representations of Trans people and reports of ever increasing aggressions towards Trans people. Also, an unprecedented level of poor mental health in the Trans community, who also find a lack of support in the public, and in universities. Due to the current possible lack of representation, we can do better to support our Trans students.


What is your idea?


As of the Spring Elections in the Academic Year 2019-2020, the Campaign Officer Team will include an LGBT+ Officer (Trans Place), instead of an LGBT+ Officer (Women’s Place). This shows that the Students’ Union actively supports and makes visible its trans members. It is also a step towards ensuring that the LGBT+ Officers are able to cover more issues that affect the LGBT+ community, which is not a homogeneous group. The representation of women will be the responsibility of both officers.


Passed by Senate 20/11/2019


Interdisciplinary opportunities for students

What is the problem?


Currently, it is difficult for students to work on projects that extend beyond the discipline of their academic School. (This affects all undergraduate and may concern post-graduate students.)


What is your idea?


The University should enable and increase opportunities for students to work on projects across academic Schools. (eg: Combining the Schools of Business and Earth, how can we create an economic model that encourages environmental protection?) This idea is a logical next step following the Great Challenges, where students from a wide range of backgrounds came together to tackle a current issue. The next step is to support academic liaison between Schools.


Passed by Senate 20/11/2019


Should we lobby for the USS Pension Fund to Divest?

Submitted by Nicholas Fox


USS stands for the Universities Superannuation Scheme and is one of the largest principal private pension schemes for universities & other higher education institutions in the UK. It currently has investments across a range of sectors including fossil fuels, tobacco, and armaments. Currently the USS proposed changes are part of the ongoing industrial action being undertaken by UCU as the scheme has valued itself with a deficit (shortcomings in its future value needed to cover future costs)


What is your idea?


Students have approached us on lobbying for this. Senate should balance the issues and give the Sabbatical officers a steer as to whether to also lobby for the University to push for the scheme to divest alongside pushing the University on the current goals of the UCU industrial action's 'Four Fights' in what could be seen by us as a politically complex period of time. I realise 500 characters isn't enough, so am happy to provide senators with a briefing note.


Passed by Senate 28/01/2020


Changing Society and Sports Club Membership Fees

Submitted by Christopher Dunne


Many Societies and Sports Clubs will charge a variety of fees to students, such as half year memberships. However, some societies will charge new member fees, or charge students by their year of study. This is manifestly unfair, and should change.


What is your idea?


Societies and sports clubs should no longer be allowed to charge membership fees by year of study, and those societies or sports clubs that wish to continue charging new members at a different rate than returning members, should show that these members incur some extra financial burden on the society, such as additional training or equipment costs, before being permitted or to continue charging these fees. VP Societies and Sports should be mandated to implement these changes by September 2020.


Passed by Senate 28/01/2020


Support and advice to pregnant mothers

Submitted by Luke Doherty


Women at University may find their studies disrupted by an unplanned pregnancy; and feel there is only one option to resolve the issue. Women who might want to keep their pregnancy are often ill-informed and poorly supported. Terminations are sometimes presented as inevitable to those women who are unaware of how they might emotionally and practically cope with pregnancy and motherhood alongside their studies. Women are well informed about terminations; but not always about an alternative.


What is your idea?


Whilst women are entirely free to choose a termination, they are equally free to keep their pregnancy. Thus, information and links to pro-life organisations who offer counselling and practical support to women in crisis pregnancies should be made available on CU's Pregnancy Support Page. Post-Abortion support should be made equally available, too. CU & CUSU should work to actively eradicate the stigma attached to pregnancies and motherhood whilst at University.


Passed by Senate 28/01/2020


Stop Timetabling Exams on Consecutive Days

Submitted by Ryan Alexander


The last couple of days before an exam are important ones and if they have to be split up between multiple exams it means sacrificing effort in one exam for another.


What is your idea?


Make it a priority when timetabling exams to ensure that the exams for a specific course are as spread out as possible.


Passed by Senate 22/04/2020


Mature Wellbeing person to solve mature persons issues

Submitted by Edel Anabwani


People especially family people find it difficult to air their issues in the drop-ins to someone much younger (inexperienced as it has been indicated to me).


What is your idea?


A need to identify and train persons who the more mature students will feel comfortable confiding to in matters relating to wellbeing.


Passed by Senate 22/04/2020


Carers and Parents Association

Submitted by Janet Williams


Carers and Parents Association has finally after a year has been activated. However, due to the fact it has taken so long and now due to covid-19 it is too late in the year to grow the association. There has been no chance to form a committee for next year, this will mean no representation for student carers and parents. It also means that the University will not be able to promote it to new students. Representation on Senate is needed this is explained in constitution.


What is your idea?


To ask The VP Welfare, VP Heath, VP Postgraduate with possible input from Student Advice (Jane Harding) Student support (Gareth Davies) to actively promote the association and get a committee started. To actively seek advice from outside people and organisations in this field. The constitution will be given to all these people in order for the structure of the association to be adhered to, especially in relation to representation on Senate. This is crucial to the support of these students.


Passed by Senate 22/04/2020


Carers Awareness Week (Amendment to Supporting Student Careers)

Submitted by Janet Williams


On 24/9/2018 Supporting Student Carers Motion (https://www.cardiffstudents.com/your-voice/policy) was passed. Whilst most of this is still valid there are concerns about the wording of Senate Resolves 1. It only refers to a Carers awareness week in Autumn Term 2018 or Spring Term 2019. However, it should of just stated the term not the year. It should specify VP Postgrad in point 1, 3, 6 and 7 of Senate resolves, due to the fact this is a different demographic from Undergraduate representation.


What is your idea?


To Make Sure there is a Carers Awareness week every year, of Which a Students family Day will be a part. This can be backed by the fact the University have started a recruitment programme for young carers. This will mean that the support is visible and consistent. To specify VP Postgrad in order to represent post grad carers and parents as well. This policy can become renewed every three years without specific dates.


Passed by Senate 22/04/2020


Academic Year 2018/19
Ban Balloons throughout the SU

Idea: Ban Balloons throughout the SU


What is the problem?


Balloons cannot be recycled in Cardiff and are often a source of plastic pollution following large events like Open Days and campaign weeks. Even biodegradable balloons do not degrade under normal conditions and therefore contribute to litter and pollution in our city. There was a 50% rise in balloon litter on our beaches between 2015 and 2016. Only around 13 per cent of balloons burst into small pieces whilst more than 80 per cent come down intact, endangering our local wildlife.


What is your idea?


It is best to stop the use of balloons completely and instead use reusable and digital decorations to promote sustainability and reduce waste across campus. Not only will this improve Cardiff University SU's sustainability footprint but also exhibit good practice to all that visit the Union.


Number of voters: 60


Number of ‘Up votes’: 52


Number of ‘Down votes’: 8


Proposed by: Nia Jones


Passed by Senate 13/11/2018


Our Future. Our Choice

Idea: Our Future. Our Choice

What is the problem?


The outcome of the Brexit negotiations will affect students and universities for decades. Will we remain in the ERASMUS+ study abroad programme? What will the status of EU students be? Will postgraduates and academics still have access to EU research projects and funding? What will the process be for travelling in the EU? Will we choose to maintain EU consumer or environmental standards and workers’ rights? The actual details of our future are yet to be decided across a thousand different issues


What is your idea?


The People’s Vote campaign is supported by politicians from all major political parties and by people who voted Leave and Remain and calls for the British public to be given a say on the final Brexit deal. We don’t ask students to accept or reject the Brexit deal, but believe students should be able to make that choice when the exact details of Brexit are clear. We call upon the SU to get involved with supporting a People’s Vote for us all. For a detailed proposal see bit.ly/2QbRJIh


Number of voters: 53


Number of ‘Up votes’: 39


Number of ‘Down votes’: 14


Proposed by: Julia Rooke


Passed by Senate 11/12/2018


Fight for Funds: AGM mandate

Fight for Funds: AGM mandate for NUS UK Conference


“We are mandating the 2018/2019 elective officer team to take a motion to Student Senate and then to NUS national conference or NUS NEC. The motion will aim to present our Universities template on tackling sexual assault and it will ask for the NUS to adopt this template. It will also act as a vessel to obtain further funding and investment in this area.”


Conference Notes


1. 2018 has seen several high-profile articles published regarding sexual assault and violence in the higher education sector (1). This is also a subject reflected internationally with the #MeToo movement in October 2017(2) and the hidden marks report published by NUS in May 2014(3).


2. Nearly two thirds of students and graduates have said they experienced sexual violence at UK universities. Of these, only 2 % felt able to report the experience to their university (4) with some data reporting that students are twice more likely to be sexually assaulted than robbed (5).


3. The UK government has asked UK Universities to set up and lead a taskforce to develop a code of practice to help tackle sexual violence and harassment on campuses. In March 2016 Universities UK launched a taskforce to develop a cross-institutional approach on violence against women. (6)


4. A report released by NISVIS reported increased prevalence of sexual assaults within LGBT+ communities with 44% of lesbian women having experienced rape, physical violence or stalking. (7)


5. Cardiff University and Birmingham University have a joint ‘Creating the Culture’ project financed through HEFCE which started in October 2017.


6. Cardiff University’s Online disclosure service has received 502 disclosures of violence and abuse since it started in October 2017. 23.1% of these were due to abuse in relationships with sexual assault at 14.7% & rape at 9.8% (8).


7. Cardiff University and CUSU has 10 Creating the culture hotspots, participated in Reclaim the Night marches, delivered R.E. Act training to 200 frontline staff, established Bystander Workshops and a 20 staff member Disclosure Response Team (8).


8. In the academic year of 2017/18 Cardiff University received a block grant from HEFCW of £40,922,433 allowing for funding adjustments (9).


Conference Believes


1. Sexual assault is a big problem for our students that must be dealt with. The only solution is through complete acceptance of the problem and continual conscientious action. Creating the culture is a joint venture with Cardiff and Birmingham Universities. It targets three key areas of prevention, intervention and response.


a. Please see appendix 1 for a full breakdown of the Creating the culture project.


2. The Statistics from the Online Disclosure System are an encouraging start, however there is significant evidence to assume that these reports are only a small proportion of the larger picture (4). We acknowledge that this is a sector wide problem. We want to celebrate that Cardiff and Birmingham University have started to become part of the solution. It is a success that people have started to report but we need to reduce the barriers that students face when they come forward.


3. The impacts of Sexual assault and Violence has substantial lifelong impacts on victims. Therefore, as a student body we believe that it is imperative for all universities to create funding for “Creating the Culture” project. We want and need a long-term solution over years rather than funding which barely lasts 24 months.


4. Furthermore, we call on all universities to strengthen safeguarding procedures & policies to reduce levels of student on student violence and abuse. Additionally, staff on student harassment does occur yet currently there have been no disclosures. We need to provide effective and robust policy which allows students to seek help and report these incidents whilst maintaining a sense of security and safety.


5. The current complaints procedure does not follow a trauma informed approach, which could unfortunately allow for those who have experienced violence and abuse to far worsen following an investigation. There needs to be a separate process in place for violence-based complaints with trained investigating officers who are appointed promptly compared to the current process, which can take months. There also needs to be more diverse solutions to experiences of relationship harm between members of our communities in our Universities; one which allows students the opportunity for repair of the harm that has occurred. This could be achieved through adopting a restorative approach. This best utilises the resources and trained staff already in place.


Conference Further believes


1. The culture of sexual assault and violence on university campuses is disturbing and a real time issue that is widespread across the UK. We also believe that the ‘Create the Culture’ robust model is an excellent start to tackling this problem and so it should be mirrored by other establishments and it will raise the profile of this devastating issue.


2. There is an epidemic of relationship based sexual violence and abuse in the LGBT+ community which is significantly amplified when compared to the heterosexual community. Furthermore, many members of the LGBT+ community are hesitant to seek help from the police and health services due to feeling discriminated against because of their sexual identity. According to recent research 47% of bisexual men, 46% bisexual women and 25% of gay men have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lifetime (7). Furthermore, according to stonewall, 80% of the Trans Community will experience at least one incidence of abuse within a relationship (10).


Conference Resolves


1. NUS elective officers to lobby all different higher education funding bodies to agree to enter monthly progress meetings with key stakeholders from NUS and external bodies to monitor & continually develop this service in all universities with a SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time sensitive) objectives.


2. Elected officers to lobby SUs to agree a timeframe of events with their universities. By July 2020 the SUs will have entered into an agreement for long term investment with their University and produce a 5-year plan on further implementation & funding to tackle this issue.


3. Part of the service should include an informal complaints system and an allocation of cases to investigating officers within 3 weeks. This would provide the space for restorative mediation.


4. Elective officers to proactively work with SUs to improve provisions for our students with protected characteristics and liberation groups especially LGBT+ community who are presenting to campus services with sexual assault, harassment & domestic violence.


5. Elected officers to continue open dialogue and active lobbying of the Government for them to adopt a similar approach in tackling sexual violence and abuse in the wider society.


Proposed by: Fadhila Al Dhahouri


Seconded by: Amr AlWishah




1. Reynolds, Emily. “Universities Are Home to a Rape Epidemic. Here's What They Can Do | Emily Reynolds.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 2 Mar. 2018, www.theguardian.com/comme.... [Accessed: 01.10.2018].


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8. Cardiff University, Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service, Creating the Culture project.


9. “HEFCW Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18.” Annual Report, www.hefcw.ac.uk/publicati.... [Accessed: 20.09.2018].


10. “Domestic Violence.” Stonewall, 1 Aug. 2018, www.stonewall.org.uk/help.... [Accessed: 28.09.2018].


Passed by Senate 29/01/2019


CU and CUSU to adopt full definition of Islamophobia

Idea: Cardiff University and CUSU to adopt full definition of Islamophobia


What is the problem?


Muslims acorss campus and across the country have felt unsafe and uncomfortable with their own identity. Official government statistics showed reports of racial and religiously motivated hate crime in England and Wales had risen for a fifth consecutive year. Anti-muslim hate crime is among these. There was even an incident here in Cardiff where a woman had fireworks thrown into her home through her letterbox.


What is your idea?


Adopting a definition of Islamophobia will demonstrate to Muslim students that we will take steps to demarcate the healthy preservation of expressions of Muslimness. As the definition of Islamophobia is being debated in parliament, I urge senate to adopt the full definition of Islamophobia found here t.co/o2GVDRiFPl


Furthermore, we will mandate the officers to lobby CU to adopt this definition and endorse a zero tolerance policy to islamophobia in all it's forms.


Number of Voters: 78


Number of ‘Up votes’: 70


Number of ‘Down votes’: 8


Proposed by: Amr Alwishah


Passed by Senate 29/01/2019


Making the Union PLastic Straw Free

Student Senate Believes


1. The environment and sustainability are growing concerns for the general public and Cardiff students. Litter in and around the Union on club nights, especially, is an obvious problem much of which is plastic straws and plastic bottles. A cleaner union would not only improvement the environment for Cardiff students during club night, but also would improve the wider community and lessen the Union's burden on the environment


Student Senate Resolves


1. Reduce the amount of plastic straws used by the food and drink outlets in the Union by reducing their use and supporting local environmental movements such as The No Straw Stand. This could be done through deciding to refuse to use plastic straws completely and using biodegradable straws instead or at the very least putting the plastic straws behind the counter and only using upon request.


Passed by Senate 29/01/2019

Nextbike at University Halls

Idea: Nextbike at University Halls


What is the problem?


We live a 30 min walk from SU, 40 min walk from tally and there’s no faster way of getting there eg if you miss the bus or if it’s on a weekend that isn’t quite expensive. Probably effects about 300 of us? Maybe more.


What is your idea?


Get a nextbike rack installed at uni halls


Submitted by: Jemma Powell


Number of voters: 80


Number of ‘Up votes’: 74


Number of ‘Down votes’:6


Passed by Senate 14/05/2019


Adopt 'Cimate Emergency' status in solidarity with other UK Universities

Idea: Adopt ‘Climate Emergency’ status in solidarity with other UK Universities


What is the problem?


Climate Change has been a large portion of the world’s news recently, as is rightly so. Climate Change has the power to determine whether our families will live well or very difficulty, along with the lives of animals! Taking drastic action can ensure many more future years of students to come that you can educate to great standards, inspire to dream big and take care of themselves and their neighbours, human or not.


What is your idea?


Take the status of ‘climate emergency’ and encourage other universities to do the same. Commit to use to explore avenues of how you can cut down emissions and become more ‘green’.


Submitted by: Abigail Ross


Number of voters: 241


Number of ‘Up votes’: 237


Number of ‘Down votes’:4


Passed by Senate 14/05/2019


Lift Accessibility

Idea: Lift Accessibility


What is the problem?


There are some really tall buildings in the university, and climbing four flights of stairs to get to lectures is a pain. But imagine if you were someone who couldn't climb those stairs, and couldn't access a lift due to it being full.


What is your idea?


Simple signs next to lifts, similar to those on disabled toilets, that this is something needed for accessibility, and to consider whether you using the lift as convenience might be preventing someone who needs it using it. This would also come with a reminder that not all disabilities are visible.


Submitted by: Rhiannon Lunney


Number of voters: 50


Number of ‘Up votes’: 44


Number of ‘Down votes’: 6


Passed by Senate 14/05/2019


Getting rid of 50 supporters for a motion limit

Idea: Getting rid of 50 supporters for a motion limit


What is the problem?


It is obvious from 2 cancellations for Senate, that 50 signatures is often too much to bring motions before senate Also the knowledge of this system needs greater awareness. The amount needs to be reduced to 10 which is a higher percentage than is used in Parliament to acknowledge a petition, which only would only be 3 people.


What is your idea?


The amount needed could be reduced to 0. It would still need to be passed by Senate


Submitted by: Janet Williams


Number of voters: 74


Number of ‘Up votes’: 54


Number of ‘Down votes’: 20


Passed by Senate 14/05/2019



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