Student Senate

Student Senate is the Students' Union's policy-making body (alongside the Annual General Meeting and Referenda), and any student can run to be a Student Senator. Student Senate has the power to make and review policy, ensuring the Union works to reflect the values and ideals of the student body. Policies passed by Student Senate provide the framework within which the Union and its Elected Officers operate.


Any student can submit an idea to the Ideas Platform to be discussed at Student Senate. This process helps to ensure that the services and activities we provide are in line with student values and ideals.


Student Senate 2023/24 dates

Tuesday 7th November

Tuesday 5th December 

Tuesday 13th February

Tuesday 23rd April

Tuesday 4th June

Meet Your Student Senators

Chair: Rebecca Hardy

Vice Chair: Tanisha Kohli


Elected Student Senators:

Aby Anderson-Peled

Amelia Hamilton

Andrew George

Anna Kiddier

Gabriela Dimitrova

Gokula Krishnan Kelambakkam Rajendiran

Jay Goswami

Jonathan Williams

LI Zhang

Maria Pollard

Masud Rahman

Raashi Khanna

Sastivel Preetham.B.R

Shane Toner

Sinthia Debroy

Sushama Swathi

Taimur Khan

Umar Shahid

William Golding

Zohaib Tahir

Gulshanbanu Ansari

Sandhya Ayar

Taniya Hasan


Sabbatical Officers:

Angie - SU President

Noah - VP Undergraduate Students (Education & Welfare)

Madison - VP Societies & Volunteering

Alex - VP Heath Park Campus (Education & Welfare)

Georgia - VP Sports & Athletic Union President

Micaela - VP Postgraduate Students (Education & Welfare)

Deio - VP Welsh Language, Community and Culture


Two Sabbatical Officers have voting rights at each Student Senate meeting. The rest are welcome to attend as observers.


Campaign Officers:

La'Shaunna - Anti-Racism Officer

Rebecca - Mental Health Officer

Elle - Estranged Students' Officer

AJ - LGBTQ+ Officer

Matilda - LGBTQ+ Officer

Hanna - Students with Disabilities Officer

Finnerty - Student Parents and Carers Officer

Sweezel - Mature Students' Officer

Nathan - International Students' Officer

Trystan - Ethical and Environmental Officer

Daisy - Women's Officer


All eleven Campaign Officers are part of Student Senate.


Each meeting, 10 Student Academic Reps and 9 students are randomly selected to join Student Senate.

How does it work?
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