Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Annual General Meeting November 2021

The Students’ Union hereby gives notice that the Student Members’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place at 18:00 on Thursday 25th November 2021.  The timeline for this meeting is as follows:


Deadline for Motions: Thursday 11th November, Midday

Agenda Pack released: Thursday 18th November

Deadline for Amendments: Tuesday 23rd November, 6pm

Amendments made available: Wednesday 24th November, 6pm


View the agenda pack here


Just remember to bring your Student ID card, and a valid NHS COVID Pass, as they will be required on entry. Masks are strongly encouraged throughout the event. 


If you are unable to attend the meeting but still want your voice to be heard and your vote to be counted you can have another student attend as your proxy. That means that another individual attends in your place, speaks and votes on your behalf.


To appoint a proxy you simply fill in this 'Appointment of Proxy' form Cymraeg | English and return it to the Student Voice team. It must be received before midday on Tuesday 23rd November by the Student Voice team via email to, or in-person on the third floor of the students' union building. However, the proxy voter may only vote on behalf of one other person and no more.

What is the AGM?

It is a large forum where a wide variety of students come to debate and determine the direction of Cardiff Students’ Union, which usually takes place at the end of November. As the Students’ Union is directed by you, our student members, we use the AGM to adopt a collective stance on an issue and decide what action we will take.


All students are welcome to attend the AGM and anyone can submit a motion for change. A motion consists of an idea that you think the Union should follow for example in the past The Union has banned selling certain products like Nestle as they are seen by many people to be unethical. Any student can attend, and any student can submit a motion for discussion. To find out more about how to write a motion check out our guide:


Proposing a Motion to AGM | Gwneud Cynnig i CCB


The AGM is the place where students are presented with the Students’ Union’s Annual Report. Other business to be transacted at the AGM includes:


  • ratification of minutes of the previous meeting;
  • receiving the accounts of the Union for the previous financial year;
  • approving the list of affiliations of the Union;
  • open questions to the Trustees by the Student Members;
  • and any motions submitted by members.

In unusual circumstances when an urgent desicion needs to be made, an Extraordinary General Meeting may also be called at another point in the year. 

Any student can attend, and any student can submit a motion for discussion

Annual Report

At the AGM students are presented with the Annual Report. This includes finances and strategy of the Students’ Union along with minutes from the previous AGM, approving the Union's affiliations and any motions that have been submitted. 


The Union is a transparent organisation which is run by the student population. This is a great opportunity to have a hands on impact on the democracy and running of the Students’ Union. 

AGM Agenda

Previous year's packs

Read the April 2021 English Agenda Pack Here | Read the April 2021 Cymraeg Agenda Pack here

Read the 2019 English Agenda Pack here | Read the 2019 Cymraeg Agenda Pack here

Read the 2018 English Agenda Pack here | Read the 2018 Cymraeg Agenda Pack here

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If you disagree with elements of a motion or wish to change it a little you can. To submit an amendment, you must complete this form Amendments to Motions 2021 English | Amendments to motions 2021 Cymraeg and submit it to The deadline for amendments is Tuesday 23rd November, 6pm. 

How does the meeting work?

Our AGM follows standard formal meeting procedures. You can find a motion flow-chart diagram to expain the procedure for debate regarding motions here: Motion Flow Diagram

What Has AGM Done For You?

  • Voted to introduce a full time Heath Park Officer and Postgraduate Students Officer
  • Voted to introduce a mental Health Campaign Officer
  • Started the 'Periods in Povery Campaign'
  • Voted to boycott Nestle products
  • Stopped minimum memberships for sports clubs and societies being raised to 30
  • Voted to ensure the Great Hall didn't become a full time lecture theatre

Dates of 2022 - 2023 AGMs

  • 2022: Thursday 24 November
  • 2023:Thursday 23 November