Student safety is a priority for us in the Students’ Union and that is why we are delivering this campaign!  


Safer Nights @ Cardiff  looks at student behaviours and how students can look after each other when on nights out, and what more we can do to keep each other safe. Another part of this campaign will be looking to all clubs in the city. We’re proud of what we do as a Students’ Union to keep people safe in our venues, and we want to ensure that spans across the rest of the city.


What we do:


Cardiff Students’ Union has been working with local partners for many years to deliver other initiatives that will help to safeguard your personal safety at night. These initiatives are available for any Cardiff University student to use: 


  • Safety bus  
  • Private medical staff 
  • Safe Taxi Scheme  
  • Drink Spiking testing kits  
  • Drink Toppers  
  • Security Staff 
  • Searches on entry  
  • Extensive CCTV and body cameras  
  • Staff training programme  


If you would like to find out more about these initiatives check out our venues page 


Listen to our Safer Nights @ Cardiff podcast:





Madison, VP Societies and Volunteering, said:


“Safer Nights @ Cardiff is a campaign that I decided I wanted to run after hearing from students that nighttime safety was a real concern of theirs.  We know that nighttime safety is not an issue that specific to our Uni or to even Cardiff, it’s a wider issue being faced in society so it’s important to talk openly about it."


"Ultimately, I want to provide students with the confidence and the knowledge on how to look out for themselves and their friends.” 




Daisy, Women's Officer at Cardiff Students' Union, said:



“I have been working very hard on a range of issues this year which include nighttime safety. I have been campaigning to promote proactive measures to prevent sexual assault across campus and promoting and campaigning for support to survivors as well as working to ensure everyone feels safe across campus and beyond”. 








If you have experienced any kind of violence, abuse, or unacceptable behaviour and you would like support, we can help. Please find some related support links below:


  • Student Advice if you would like independent and impartial advice.  
  • Get urgent advice if you or someone else requires urgent or out of hours support, here's who to contact.   
  • Download our Safezone app to alert Security if you need help or assistance while on campus. If you are off campus the app will alert the police.  
  • Counselling and wellbeing support if you need to talk to someone to manage your emotional health and wellbeing ()  
  • Violence and abuse resources if you want further information on recognising unhealthy, violent, or abusive behaviours and for further information on consent.   
  • Disclosure Response Team if you have been affected by an incident of violence, abuse or unwanted behaviour that is distressing or offensive