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Student Wins

Each year, you elect a team of students to represent you and your academic interests. These students are your Sabbatical Officer team, and they work on lots of projects throughout the year, from lobbying the University to change and improve the things you care about like library opening hours and extra study space, to campaigning on the issues that matter to you like housing and mental health, and representing your voice as a student at Cardiff University.

What should we stand for? We want to hear your amazing ideas on what the students' union should be doing! Your idea can big or small. University or Union.

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The wall of student wins below shows what they have achieved for you thanks to your vote in the elections

"We worked with the libraries team to ensure that the ASSL is open 24 hours a day over the Christmas and Easter holidays, so you have somewhere to study if you’re staying in Cardiff.

Jake, your VP Postgraduate Students 2018-19

Published December 2018

"We've improved our queuing systems, opened extra toilets in the building, increased the amount of people who can join the party by adding a new venue on the 1st floor and introduced cashless bars to speed up service."

Your Venues team

Published December 2018

"We worked in partnership with the University to get approval for the Radiology and Haematology Seminar Rooms in the Main Hospital to be refurbished. Watch those spaces in 2019!"

Jen, your VP Heath Park 2018-19

Published December 2018

"We introduced a Student Voice Coordinator for the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, so we can give your Academic Reps specialist support to help effectively represent your academic interests!"

Your Student Voice team

Published November 2018

"We've lobbied the University to increase the number of books that students can borrow. You can now borrow up to 35 books instead of 15!"

Jackie, your VP Education 2018-19

Published November 2018