Each year, you elect a team of students to represent you and your academic interests. These students are your Sabbatical Officer team, and they work on lots of projects throughout the year, from lobbying the University to change and improve the things you care about like library opening hours and extra study space, to campaigning on the issues that matter to you like housing and mental health, and representing your voice as a student at Cardiff University.


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The wall of student wins below shows what they have achieved for you thanks to your vote in the elections




LGBTQ+ History Month

Shreshth, your VP Societies and Volunteering 2022-23

Published Febraury 2022


"A new student common room has open in the Heath Park Campus. The IV Common Room is a brand-new space as a result of strong partnership work between the Students’ Union and Cardiff University after years of lobbying for better students’ spaces at the Heath, being an extremely exciting student win for Heath Park students. "

Ashly, your VP Heath Park 2022-23

Published Janruary 2022


Opening of new Balconi space

Gina, your SU President 2022-23

Published December 2022


New Llanrumney sports facilities

Olivia, Your VP Sports and AU President 2022-23

Published November 2022


PrEP Campaign Launched

Shreshth, your VP Societies and Education 2022-23

Published November 2022


"We met with Cardiff Council to talk about the issues in student housing at Cardiff. As a result: (1) Cardiff Council agreed there is a lack of student accommodation in Cardiff. (2) Cardiff Council said private providers need to play a role, but also that there needs to be a holistic solution and that the universities themselves need a plan for housing students (3) Leader of the Council Huw Thomas agreed to raise this issue when he meets with the VCs of each of the Universities. (4) Cardiff Council agreed to work more closely with the SUs of each one of the universities as part of their plan for a closer partnership with the universities. "

Angie, your VP Postgraduates 2022-23

Published November 2022


"In the Student View 2022: Study Space and Campus Opening times, we asked the university for a system in which students can identify the capcity of spaces. The ASSL has introduced a new tool to give users a real-time insight on how busy the space is (day and night) "

Gina, your SU President 2022-23

Published November 2022


"We launched daily £2 lunches to help students who are on a tight budget and in the first month we dished up 1,000 meals. "

Gina, your SU President 2022-23

Published November 2022


"We listened to feedback from societies and installed mirrors in meeting room 3A to increase rehearsal space in the building for smaller student groups."

Shreshth, your VP Societies and Volunteering 2022-2023

Published October 2022


"We lobbied for an upgrade to University HR systems to include access for PGR’s and student workers. Now all demonstrators and casual student workers can view payslips and PAYE documents online!"

Jane, your VP Postgrad 2020-2021

Published June 2021

"As a result of your feedback the University has created a Safety Net for 2020/21 to protect your academic achievement, which includes uncapped resits!"

Hannah, your VP Education 2020-2021

Published June 2021

"We have worked with the Teaching and Assessment Group to extended the Remote Study Policy to the Second Semester.

This will enable students to study remotely if they wish to."

Hannah, Seb and Jane


Your VP Education, VP Heath Park Campus and VP Postgraduate Students 2020-2021

Published April 2021

"Following your feedback, we have worked with University Libraries to increase library slots from two to three hours from January 2021. We have also secured shorter time slots for students who need to access the printing services."

Hannah, Seb and Jane

Your VP Education, VP Heath Park Campus and VP Postgraduate Students 2020-2021

Published April 2021

"Christmas 2020 looked a bit different with lots of students unable to travel home. To support students, we sent out hundreds of little pick me up boxes to help students stay positive!"

Georgie, Tom, Jane, Seb, Luke, Jude and Hannah

Your Sabbatical Officer team 2020-2021

Published January 2021

"We have launched a campaign to ensure that students are aware they can change their personal tutor if they don’t click."

Hannah, Seb, Georgie and Jane

VP Education, VP Heath Park, VP Welfare and VP Postgraduate

Published January 2021

"We have put together a Personal Tutor Signposting Document to help you and your tutors signpost you to the right places. This will help you find your answers faster and easier."

Hannah, Seb, Georgie and Jane

VP Education, VP Heath Park, VP Welfare and VP Postgraduate

Published January 2021

"1 down, 3 to go! Based on your feedback, we've been working with the University to install extra water fountains at the Heath so now you can refill your bottles around campus rather than buying single-use plastic ones. A big win for you and a win for the environment!"

Shekina, your VP Heath Park 2019-20

Published January 2020

"We listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce we have increased our club night capacity, social space and sports and society activities space by redeveloping and opening up the first floor."

Your Sabbatical Elected Officers Team 2019-20

Published November 2019

"We're providing free tampons to all students at our Welcome Centre. We know menstruation is a natural part of life and we hope this will make things a little easier."

Jackie (Students' Union President) Elected Officers Team 2019-20

Published October 2019

"Following feedback from Committee Members at last year's Freshers' Fairs and at AGM, we have created a wristband system to improve the experience of students who are running Fair stalls this year."

Jude and Orla (VP Sports and Athletic Union President and VP Societies and Volunteering)

Elected Officer Team

Published October 2019

"We offered virtual reality wellbeing sessions across campus as part of #RevisionAid to help students relax during the busy exam period."

Marketing and Communications Team and Student Advice Team

Published June 2019

"For the first time from September 2019, societies and sports club committees will receive professional fundraising training from Cardiff University Development and Alumni Relations Division!"

Fadhila, your Students' Union President 2018-19

Published May 2019

"We secured funding from the University to expand our Black History month activity, meaning we could host more events and increase the visibility of this great campaign."

Amr, your VP Welfare and Campaigns 2018-19

Published April 2019

"Following feedback from the students in our school, we requested a reading week during the Autumn semester and are pleased to announce that this will go into effect during the 2019-20 academic year"

Law Student-Staff Panel Representatives

Published February 2019

"Clear 'yes', a committment from First Minister Mark Drakeford AM to ban letting agency fees by September 2019"

Your Sabbs and student activists

(Wil, Amr, Jake, Iqraa, Fadhila, Janet)

Published February 2019

"We've listened to feedback from student groups and as a result we've extended the opening hours of meeting rooms on the 4th floor until midnight each day!"

Henri, your VP Societies and Volunteering 2018-19

Published January 2019

"We worked with the libraries team to ensure that the ASSL is open 24 hours a day over the Christmas and Easter holidays, so you have somewhere to study if you’re staying in Cardiff."

Jake, your VP Postgraduate Students 2018-19

Published December 2018

"We've improved our queuing systems, opened extra toilets in the building, increased the amount of people who can join the party by adding a new venue on the 1st floor and introduced cashless bars to speed up service."

Your Students' Union Venues team

Published December 2018

"We worked in partnership with the University to get approval for the Radiology and Haematology Seminar Rooms in the Main Hospital to be refurbished. Watch those spaces in 2019!"

Jen, your VP Heath Park 2018-19

Published December 2018

"We introduced a Student Voice Coordinator for the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, so we can give your Academic Reps specialist support to help effectively represent your academic interests!"

Your Student Voice team

Published November 2018


"We've lobbied the University to increase the number of books that students can borrow. You can now borrow up to 35 books instead of 15!"


Jackie, your VP Education 2018-19

Published November 2018
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