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represents all students on academic issues to the University and works with the Student Voice team and student academic representatives to review feedback and identify what changes students want. lobbies and negotiates with the University to implement any changes that need to be made whether it’s regarding assessment and feedback or developing study spaces.


Mo is 22 years old and he recently graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Chemistry, which he hopes to use in the future to get into renewable energies. Before moving to London at the age of 12, Mo was born in Egypt and spent most of his early life growing up there. He attended Alexander Park School and Sixth Form in north London where he studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology during A-levels.

Having lived on three continents, Mo grew a strong cultural awareness from an early age, this was further strengthened after moving to London where he quickly became used to interacting with people from all cultures and backgrounds every day. Mo has always loved sports, he has played football since the age of eight and used to do athletics up until the age of 12, he also enjoys swimming, martial arts and free-running.

During his second year of studies, Mo played football for Chemistry and he later became more involved with the Students’ Union. In his third year Mo completed six certificates with the Skills Development Service and the University’s Careers & Employability’s service. He also became a radio host with Xpress Radio. He was an academic rep and chair and he became very active through this role, quickly learning that students can have a very positive impact on education.

Taking on every opportunity that came his way, Mo was part of two college wide committees and he took initiatives to make college-wide changes through his school as a rep. The interactions with his predecessor and lessons learned throughout that experience gave him an insight into what it’s like to be VP Education, and so he decided to run for the role with the slogan “Go for Mo”. Having won the elections, he started in June 2016 as one of the newly Elected Officer team.

Having always had a passion for enhancing systems and processes by finding practical solutions that target the core of an issue rather than the symptom

Mo has picked his main priorities to include:

  • Developing a new University app to include myTimetable, Learning Central, SIMS, Intranet and Library as a one-stop shop for students.
  • Sharing good practice across the University.
  • Giving students a direct input into various University-led projects set to enhance the learning experience.

What Is Working On?