represents all students on academic interests to the University and works with the Student Voice team and student academic representatives to review feedback and identify what changes students want. lobbies and negotiates with the University to implement any changes that need to be made whether it’s regarding assessment and feedback or developing study spaces.


Shwmae! I’m Jackie, your Vice-President Education!

I was born in the city of Bristol, but my parents are originally from the beautiful Hong Kong so feel free to converse with me in both English or Cantonese. Not long after my twin sister and I were born, we moved to Somerset where we currently live.

I am a classical pianist and I very proudly completed my degree in Music at Cardiff with a First-Class Honours! I also love singing and playing percussion in various orchestras. I have loved every second of being a student here and I wanted to share and enhance the positive experience with everyone.

I have always been incredibly passionate about embracing every opportunity at University. During my time here, I have interned in Hong Kong and London, travelled on tour with the University Orchestra to Germany several times, we even went to China last year. I also went abroad to study music in Helsinki, Finland for a year which was one of the best years of my life. I even met and played piano for the President of Iceland whilst I was there.

My initial involvement in our Union came from my time volunteering with the Student Advice service. During this time, I developed an understanding that we could do so much more to represent the views of students and that we need to empower them to personalise their experience during their studies. That’s why I decided to run to be your VP Education, to make a real difference!

I am always ready to listen and help in any way I can, my door will always be open whether on the Heath Park or Park Place campus.

Yep to Yip!

Here are my priorities for this year:

  • Laying the foundations for establishing the new Safety-Net Module System
  • Working with libraries to: Improve lighting, introduce more plug sockets and extension cables, and introduce appeals and lower library fines
  • Lecture-recording implementation across Cathays and Heath Campus.
  • Working at Heath Park once a week to improve integration
  • Promoting the activities of: Global Opportunities, Skills Development Service
  • Encouraging better academic support and feedback

What Is Working On?