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represents all students on academic issues to the University and works with the Student Voice team and student academic representatives to review feedback and identify what changes students want. lobbies and negotiates with the University to implement any changes that need to be made whether it’s regarding assessment and feedback or developing study spaces.


Warm welcomes reader! I am Fadhila, your new VP Education!

Originally, I am from a small group of islands located in the Arabian Gulf, which belong to Oman. However, I was born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I can speak four languages Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi as I am half Arab and half Indian.

My educational journey has been very interesting so far! I have always dreamed of studying abroad and my dream came true! It has not been as straightforward as you would think. When I first arrived in the UK, I could not speak two sentences of English after one another. This is an experience that the majority of our international students have. Like many of them, I studied for 9 months at an intensive English language course in Salisbury.

Then I came to Cardiff, my second home. Here, I took an International Foundation Programme (IFP) and I really, really wanted to do Educational Psychology, however, I could not due to various reasons. Anyhow, I started on my fascinating degree in Genetics, the microscopic world. A subject I am still in love with and I’m proud to say I have graduated with a 2:1!

Some of you may also remember me as your Genetics students' rep, General Secretary of Biosciences, student warden and part of Mo Hanafi’s Education Executive team in the Students' Union. It is because of these roles and the experiences they gave me that I was inspired to run for VP Education. I could see how your educational experience could be improved and I wanted a chance to make it happen.

I have always been passionate about education, as I believe freedom is in education. I have always loved helping and being in service of people. As I believe everyone that I meet in my life becomes part of me. I honestly believe I won by listening to our students’ worries and concerns. I will do my very best to solve them by living up to these principles in my role.

Here are my priorities for this year:

  • Free printing for compulsory assessments and more e-assessments.
  • No Saturday/late exams: Better timetabling of exams, lectures and assessments.
  • Lecture-recording implementation across Cathays and Heath Campus.
  • Make the Student Academic Rep system accessible with high-quality training and acknowledgements.
  • Resolve attainment gap issue of international students

And more. #IHearYou #LetsMakeItHappen Together.

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