The Home of YOLO & JUICE

We have..

4 Bars | 3 Rooms | 2 VIP areas | 1 Balcony

It’s your club and your club only. Y Plas is the only student exclusive bar in Cardiff; we’re talking students and students only, be it on the dancefloor or behind the bar, you won’t find a fully functioning adult for miles. Home to YOLO & JUICE, the biggest student club nights in the capital city, we’re definitely a pretty big deal from the get-go but we’re best known for our status as number 1 consumer in the UK & Northern Ireland for VK. #DoUVK because we certainly do.”

Crazy Golf
21st September
22nd September
Y Plas
Wednesday nights at Y Plas
Bingo Lingo
23rd September
The Great Hall
24th September
Y Plas
Fridays at Y Plas
25th September
Y Plas
Saturdays at Y Plas
Ice Breaker
27th September
Y Plas
Apple Bum
28th September
Y Plas
YOLO All building
29th September
Full building
Wednesday nights at Y Plas
Cirque Du Soul
30th September
Y Plas