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The advancement of education of students at Cardiff University for the public benefit by:

  • promoting the interests and welfare of students at Cardiff University during their course of study and representing, supporting and advising students;
  • being the recognised representative channel between students and Cardiff University and any other external bodies; and
  • providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of its students

Understanding Our Students

We will have an excellent understanding of who our students are and what their expectations are from their university and their students’ union. We will use evidence from our students to shape the Union’s priorities and influence the University and the wider community. 

We recognise our responsibility to all Cardiff students. We will ensure we are totally inclusive in our outlook and will have engagement plans to reach students from all years, modes of study and subject area. We will improve how we measure our impact on those around us and regularly report on how we’re improving the student experience at Cardiff University.

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of our engagement and participation
  • Measuring our impact on our students, the University and Cardiff
  • Being recognised as the authority on ‘what students want’ from their University experience
  • Using evidence and innovative engagement activities to inform what we do
  • Improving our engagement with Post Graduate students and our understanding of their issues

Developing Our Students

We will work hard to create a more diverse range of personal development opportunities for students, focusing on employment during study, volunteering and skills development. We will also work with the University to ensure that personal development is further embedded within the curriculum and is supported by academic departments. 

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Embedding support for volunteers across the Union, with 50% more voluntary opportunities
  • Employing proportionately more students in staff positions than we do now
  • Providing dedicated support and development opportunities for our student staff
  • Embedding student development within the curriculum 
  • Ensuring that 25% of all students undertake a volunteer role, engage with the Skills Development Service or access Student Enterprise during their time at University

Having A Positive Impact

We will ensure that support for student representation is enhanced at both University and course level, with support for Student Academic Reps and University staff so that representation and feedback structures further enhance the partnership that exists between students and the University. We will also prioritise support for students undertaking placements, internships and volunteering away from the University.

We will continue to encourage students to play an active role in the Union’s democratic structures and in the local community. This will include creating a bigger mandate for our Elected Officers to represent our students and building better links with community groups and creating more opportunities for our students to have a positive impact on their local community.  

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Creating a well-resourced Student Voice Department, so that the Union becomes the home of academic representation within the University
  • Playing an active role in representing Cardiff students within Cardiff, Wales and the UK 
  • Supporting the advancement of the Welsh language and Welsh culture
  • Supporting students undertaking placements, internships or voluntary roles away from the University 
  • Ensuring that at least 10,000 students will vote in our elections
  • Creating further opportunities for our students and staff to volunteer within the local community

Building The Heath Park Campus Student Experience

We will work with the University to improve all areas of student life at the Heath, including improved facilities, services, student activities and transport links. We will prioritise significant improvements to study and social spaces, including the construction of a new Students’ Union building on campus.

We will create specific engagement plans for groups of students who we know are less engaged in our activities and feel less supported by us. 

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Developing a Students’ Union building at the Heath
  • Vastly improving the social and study spaces at the Heath
  • Measuring and significantly improving engagement with Heath students
  • Providing dedicated staff support
  • Ensuring that each Students’ Union service has a specific Heath students engagement strategy

Maintaining A Sustainable Organisation

We will invest in our infrastructure so that the Union remains modern, efficient and relevant to the needs of students. We will also continue to diversify our sources of income and build greater resilience into our finances so that we are less dependent on alcohol sales to fund our activities. 

We will strive to be recognised as an excellent employer and develop our people so that they have the tools and the confidence to innovate and continually improve what the Students’ Union offers. We will also strive to continually improve satisfaction in the Students’ Union from our staff, University stakeholders and collaborative partners.

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Aspiring to have 90% of the Union’s staff rating the Students’ Union as a great place to work
  • Ensuring that at least 20% of all Union staff have attained formal qualifications through an in-house staff development programme
  • Ensuring that at least 2% of turnover is invested into our infrastructure 
  • Creating at least 2% cash surpluses per annum until the Union holds 6 weeks’ running costs
  • Minimising our negative environmental impact and maximising our positive social impact

Creating Sector-leading Facilities

We will fully renovate the Students’ Union building on Park Place so that it houses sector leading study, social, group and performance spaces that are used by a diverse range of students. We will also work with the University to create similar improvements on other parts of the University’s estate and build a Centre for Student Life building that houses complementary and widely accessible student support services. 

We will strive to ensure that the Union’s activities and services are open and available when our students need them and we will open study spaces and some social spaces within the Students’ Union building on Park Place 24-hours a day.

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Making the Students’ Union building on Park Place open for 24-hours a day 
  • Renovating the Students’ Union building on Park Place, with increased study, social, group and performance spaces
  • Creating satellite lounges across the University’s campuses
  • Working with the University to build a Centre for Student Life by September 2018
  • Creating dedicated space for student groups to meet, plan and organise

Being Excellent At What We Do

We will strive to be recognised as an exceptional organisation by our students, the University and others that we work with. We will also ensure that excellence is embedded in all of our activities and services, and that we achieve relevant quality standards to reflect this. 

We will ensure that we are totally inclusive in our outlook, which will be reflected in sector-leading levels of engagement, participation and satisfaction.

Our top priorities in this area include:

  • Offering a diverse range of accessible activities and services to ensure that we are totally inclusive
  • Attaining a student satisfaction rating of at least 90% and being within the top 3 of all university students’ unions within the NSS
  • Being in the Top 3 in the UK for the Times Higher Education student experience survey
  • Ensuring that over 25,000 students a year participate in the Union’s democracy, student activities or use its services
  • Being recognised as an exceptional organisation and a leading students’ union