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Cardiff Student Media

We have a new dedicated site! For the latest from the four media channels visit cardiffstudentmedia.co.uk.

Our four media channels provide the student body with a one-stop information point for student life in Cardiff, giving comprehensive news coverage, igniting debate and discussion, and capturing the essence of student lifestyle in the city. Dedicated teams of students produce a weekly newspaper, gair rhydd, forthnightly lifestyle magazine, Quench, radio station, Xpress and TV station, CUTV.

Student media is always on the look-out for new recruits. There's no typical member - those involved are from a very diverse range of backgrounds, studying everything from physics to philosophy, and as long as you've got passion and enthusiasm, you'll be welcomed aboard.

By becoming part of student media, you'll not only make friends and have a great time; you'll also learn lots of hugely valuable communications skills, including writing, editing and presenting, all of which are key to a lot of careers in today's job's market. 

To find out more, pop into the office for a chat, email gairrhydd@gairrhydd.com or call 02920 781 436.

Come and get involved, we'd love to have you with us!

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This product is not on sale.

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