Quench Magazine is Cardiff University's multi-award-winning student magazine.
Easily found around Cardiff University buildings, the magazine offers a comprehensive guide to Cardiff life and culture.
Quench 2018/19 is edited by Editor-in-Chief, Andrea Gaini and Deputy Editor, Katie May Huxtable. 
If you would like to contact Nadine or Andrea at Quench, please email: editor@quenchmag.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuenchMagazine
Twitter: @QuenchMag
Instagram: @QuenchMagCardiff
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuenchMagazine
Sections & Contacts
Features: features@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchFeatures
Fashion & Beauty: fashion@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchFashion
Food & Drink: food@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchFood
Travel: travel@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchTravel
Culture: culture@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchCulture
Technology: technology@quenchmag.co.uk / @Quench_Tech
Film & TV: film@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchFilm
Music: music@quenchmag.co.uk / @QuenchMusic

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