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Committee Resources

Running a Club, Society, SLS or Association can be a scary thing, and often a very daunting challenge. But fear not; support is at hand to help you manage and run successful Student Groups.

This is your online resource on everything you may need to know, from how to bank a cheque to publicising that big event. If you do need more information, some help or just someone to chat an idea through with then please do give one of the Activities Team an email, call, tweet or Facebook message.

Core Documents

Policies & Procedures

Advice For Societies Following a COVID Positive Case - This document outlines the steps that you should take if someone within your society's activities tests or is suspected of being positive for Covid-19.

Activities Laws - The Activities Laws are a detailed guide to how the Activities Department supports your Group and how you should lead your Group.

Athletic Union Sports Club Behaviour Policy - This policy applies to all members, participants and other persons connected to Sports Clubs affiliated to the Students' Union as well as Sports teams participating in IMG Sports competitions. It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with this document.

Activities Behaviour Policy- This policy applies to all members, participants and other persons connected to Societies, Student-Led Services, Associations, Student Media, Volunteer projects and any other Student Group affiliated to or promoted by the Students' Union. It is highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with this document.

Handbook for Society Committee Members - This document outlines all the information you need to know when running a Society.

Forms & Templates

Guild of Societies Constitution Template - ENG

Athletic Union Constitution Template - ENG

Societies Development Plan Template - Please complete and return to Societies@cardiff.ac.uk

Associate Membership Form - Non-Cardiff University students can apply to join your Club or Society as an Associate Member by completing this form and sending it to the Finance Department.

Trip Form Template (For day trips only) - Please return to Deputy Head of Student Activities  1 working day prior to departure

Trip Pack Template (Updated Jan 2020) (For overnight trips only) - Please return to Activities Coordinator  2 working days prior to departure

Participant Pack Template - Send to club members attending your trip to be aware of itinerary, trip information, emergency contacts etc.

Tours and Big Trips Guidance

Guest Speaker Form - Use this form to declare Guest Speakers to the SU. Return completed forms to Your Societies and Volunteering Coordinator at least 21 days before the event. Use the booking form if your event is taking place in a University Building.

Venues Enquiry Form - Use this form if you want to use one of our Venues for an event that has special requirements, such as catering, sound and lighting or other setup requirements. Please return it to SU Events. You must have a room booked in our building in order to submit this form. Contact Your Societies and Volunteering Coordinator to make a booking.

Coach Registration Form - use this form to register your coach/instructor. This is mandatory for both paid and volunteer coaches/instructors for insurance purposes.

Sponsorship Invoices Form - Use this form if you have confirmed sponsorship. Return this form to SU Finance and the money you are receiving will be paid directly into your Club/Society Account.

Invoice Template - Use this template to produce an invoice for your Society or Sports Club e.g. for paying for an instructor.