Advertising Your Group

There's no winning formula to advertising your Group or Event. Having said that, there are lots of ways that we can help you get your message heard! 

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Social Media

SU Social Media Platforms

Welsh Language

Cardiff Student Media

Union Stairwell Screens

Posters and Leaflets

Social Media

If you use social media effectively, it can become your greatest tool when it comes to marketing your events.

All Groups should have a presence on Social Media – it is a quick and easy way for you to engage with existing and potential members. You can even add links to your Social Media Accounts on your webpage. Head to the little hammer in the top-right of your window (bottom on mobile) to add your links..

Make sure what you're posting is interesting and relevant! If you already have a Facebook group, consider using a Facebook Page as well. Pages get high rankings in search engine results which can increase traffic to the page. Pages also appear at the top of Facebook search results.

Be engaging! Social Media should not be used solely for broadcasting promotional information. Most people find this annoying and it'll do your society no favours. Building a good reputation with audiences earns long-term trust and outweighs the short-term benefits of a few extra clicks to a link.

How to be engaging...

  • Asking and answering questions.
  • Posting other media (e.g. photos, videos, links).
  • Revealing “behind the scenes” activity.
  • Rewards for engagement (eg. Discounts or Competitions).

SU Social Media Platforms

The Students’ Union has over 65 different Social Media Accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  You can contact any of the Officers to ask them to advertise any of your events, or contact the AU or the Guild of Societies if you want to advertise on their pages. The best posts may even be picked up by our other accounts!  

Welsh Language Policy

Cardiff University Students' Union offers a free Welsh translation service. Find out more about why we offer this and how you can get involved here.

Cardiff Student Media

Gair Rhydd

Gair Rhydd is Cardiff University's award-winning independent student newspaper. With dedicated Sports and Societies sections, you can get your amazing events and acheivements out to the thousands of readers every week!

Xpress Radio

Just like the newspaper, Xpress Radio is our award winning radio station based in the SU. Whether you're looking for a short advert or an interview on one of the entertainment shows, Xpress can help you spread the word about your events.


Cardiff Union TV, as the name suggests, is our very own TV channel! With enough notice and planning, you can get your event broadcast to the thousands of students at Cardiff University. What an opportunity!

Union Stairwell Screens

Did you know you can use the screens in the Students' Union to advertise your event?! With a footfall of thousands every week, this is a great marketing tool which you can use completely free of charge as a society!

All you need to do is send a JPEG image, 768(w) x 1280(h), to if you are a Society or if you are a Sports Club.

Posters and Leaflets

Probably the most basic form of advertising is an attractive and informative poster or leaflet. These shouldn't be used on their own but can certainly help spread the word about your event.

Make sure your posters are eye-catching and include all relevant information. Having said that, don't overload on text! Think about what your audience really needs to know. Direct people to an event on or to your Social Media if they want more information.

There are noticeboards in pretty much every University Building and on the ground floor of the SU.

Please pass your posters onto the Socieites or Athletic Union department before putting them up in the building.

If you're really struggling to get inspiration, our Marketing & Communications team can give you expert advice.