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Cardiff Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your new local community. You’ll also get to meet loads of new people and have a lot of fun! Cardiff Volunteering offers a wide variety of different and exciting projects to choose from which you can fit around your University schedule.

Lots of students volunteer on projects in and around the city of Cardiff, giving up their time to help improve the social, economic and environmental lives of others in the local community and gaining new skills, experiences and friends along the way – so it really is a no-brainer!

To find out more about Cardiff Volunteering and how you can get involved, drop into their office in the Centre for Skills, Enterprise and Volunteering at the Students’ Union when you arrive in Cardiff. The office is open 09:00–17:00 Monday-Thursday and 09:00–16:00 on Fridays.

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Tel: 029 2078 1494

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Meet the team

Michelle Lenton-Johnson 

Michelle is our Student Development Manager who joined the Students’ Union after a lot of experience in volunteering and other charity activity in Cardiff. Michelle is in charge of setting up the Cardiff Volunteering project, as well as helping to manage other student facing services in the Students’ Union like Jobshop and the Skills Development Service.

She is currently contesting Rachel’s claim as the biggest One Direction fan in the office. Another fun fact is that Michelle was an Olympic Torchbearer in Cardiff in 2012. 

Steven Kenward  

Steve is from Cardiff and was previously involved in working at the Huggard Centre, a homelessness charity in Cardiff.  He grew up in Cardiff, and thinks that volunteering enabled him to support people, shape his community and challenge his limits. Steve is excited to help others do the same.

Steve considers himself an ‘urban explorer’, and likes looking around Cardiff’s street art, pub theatre and poetry takeaways to the best buskers, creative communities and find-it-nowhere-else food.

Come find Steve hiding in the Cardiff Volunteering stationery cupboard, trying to escape group selfies.

Rachel Jones  

Rachel graduated from Cardiff University a year ago with a Psychology degree, where she got involved in a lot  of our student led activity.  In 2012, she was the president of the Psychology Society, has also been a member of FAD and was Welcome Crew Cordinator in 2013-14. She was also our Students with Disabilities’ Officer, so knows the big and little differences students can make alongside their studies. 

Rachel’s other favourite things include One Direction and the Great British Bake Off. 

Chloe Lavington    

Chloe graduated from Cardiff University this year, after being involved in Student Volunteering Cardiff. During her time as a volunteer she worked with childen with disabilities, provided meals for the homeless at the Huggard Centre and coordinated an afterschool arts and crafts clubs for underpriviledged children.

She loves skinny caramel lattes, and is excited to tell you about all the fun things Cardiff Volunteering has planned on their social media accounts. Word round the campfire is that Chloe loves bursting into song – so pop into the Cardiff Volunteering office and say hello. 



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