DBS Checks

You’ll notice that for many of our projects you’re required to obtain something called a DBS. Without the DBS check, you won’t be able to start on your project if it requires that you have one.

We no longer do our own DBS checks. We are now signed up with Vibrant Nation to provide DBS checks (mostly) online. Please email Volunteering@cardiff.ac.uk if you have applied for a project which requires a DBS check.


  • A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) is a government check to see if you have any criminal convictions in the UK.
  • International students may also require a criminal background check from their home country if the external project partner requires them.
  • More about international criminal background checks can be found here.



  • Volunteers workings on a project with children/vulnerable adults require a criminal background check by law.
  • Ensures safety of our beneficiaries and volunteers.
  • Makes a safe and comfortable environment.


  • The DBS application process will be changing as we will no longer be doing them internally. Please contact Volunteering@cardiff.ac.uk to arrange a DBS check, letting us know which project you need it for. Different projects have different requirements so you need to know which project you are applying for before getting a DBS.
  • Once you have emailed us we will set up an application for you and you will be sent the link to log on and complete your application
  • When your application is filled in and submitted you can book a 15 minute meeting with a coordinator to do an ID verification check - you will need to bring the original hard copies of the correct identification documents which match the information provided on your application.
  • After your ID has been verified we will confirm and submit your application and you should receive your DBS certificate in around 14 days.


  • The sooner you start the process the better.
  • Checks may take up to 2-8 weeks after they are sent off.
  • You won’t be able to start on a DBS project without your DBS.
  • To get your DBS please contact Volunteering to find out the process.

Your DBS certificate can take from 2-8 weeks to process, it will be delivered to your current address directly. It is really important that as soon as it arrives you bring it into the Cardiff Volunteering office so we can record the result.

If you have already applied for your DBS and you have a reference number you can track your application here

More information about the DBS process can be found the on the government website.

Before completing the DBS form please familiarise yourself with DBS Code of Practice