A Bit About Us

Cardiff Volunteering was formed in August 2015 to provide a comprehensive volunteering service for Cardiff University students.

We run lots of projects working with a variety of groups in the community, including children, young people, the elderly, those with additional needs and much more! We have a range of regular projects and one-off opportunities on offer, as well as an on-line “bureau” that links you into loads of amazing volunteering opportunities with external organisations, so there is sure to be something to suit anyone who’d like to try volunteering. Whether you are just looking for a volunteering opportunity for yourself, or looking for something that your entire club or society can do to help you with your tiering then look no further .. and if you have an amazing volunteering idea that's not listed then just come and speak to us about it so we can help you make it happen!

We’re based on the 3rd floor of the Students’ Union next to Jobshop, SDS, and the Athletics Union. Here you’ll find the Societies and Volunteering Coordinators who will be able to answer any questions you may have before you apply. Our Societies and Volunteering Coordinators manage the day to day running of the Guild of Societies and Cardiff Volunteering projects.

We are here every weekday 9am to 5pm to help you find out more about all aspects of voluntary work, from our projects to volunteering for external charities. The team will give you as much information about projects as possible and provide any help and assistance you may need during the application process and beyond.

Meet The Team

Ellen O'Dwyer

Ellen was a sabbatical officer at Winchester SU from 2019 - 2021 before joining the Societies and Volunteering Team.

Sophie Irving

Sophie is our Activities Graduate Intern, who is working closely with the Societies and Volunteering team in particular. She has joined us having just completed her masters degree in Political Communication, and as an Undergraduate in English Literature and Creative Writing she was a member of the Volunteering Executive Committee and volunteered for a time as Lead Volunteer of Bare Necessities.

Our Objective

Our department's objective is the advancement of education of students at Cardiff University for the public benefit by:

  • Creating and supporting volunteering opportunities for Cardiff University students that provide benefit to Cardiff University students and the local community in Cardiff and the surrounding areas
  • Working with other charities and community organisations to maximise the positive impact that Cardiff University students make on the local community in Cardiff and the surrounding areas
  • Working with Cardiff University to embed student volunteering within the curriculum
  • Promoting any charitable purposes for the benefit of Cardiff University students and the community in Cardiff and the surrounding areas
  • Promoting student and life-long community service among Cardiff University students by providing guidance, opportunities for personal development, skills development and participation in wide aspects of voluntary community involvement

Our Vision

To work in partnership with Cardiff University Students’ Union to ensure that all Cardiff University Students maximise their personal development and make a sustained and valued contribution to society through positive engagement in volunteering.

Our Mission Statement

To promote a culture of volunteering at Cardiff University enabling students to engage with rewarding opportunities, facilitating their personal development whilst contributing to their local community.

Our Aims

Cardiff Volunteering has 12 core aims:
Aim 1: Inspire Cardiff University Students about volunteering and the positive effect it can have on their careers and other areas of life.
Aim 2: Inform Cardiff University students about volunteering and ensure they know where information and support can be found.
Aim 3: Work in partnership with other bodies and organisations across the sector.
Aim 4: Develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive range of volunteering opportunities both within Cardiff University itself and from a broad range of external organisations that appeal and are accessible to a diverse range of students.
Aim 5: Ensure the provision of volunteering opportunities that link in with students’ learning objectives through the Student Development Programme.
Aim 6: Measure the impact of volunteering both to the students themselves and the wider community via both qualitative and quantitative feedback from students and internal and external partners.
Aim 7: Celebrate the volunteering achievements of Cardiff University students.
Aim 8: Enhance the portfolio of personal development opportunities provided to students by Cardiff University Students’ Union.
Aim 9: Be the first point of contact regarding volunteering for Cardiff University Students’ Union, Cardiff University departments and students themselves.
Aim 10: Work with Cardiff University to embed volunteering within the curriculum.
Aim 11: Ensure that at least 25% of Cardiff University students engage in some form of volunteering activity during their time at University.
Aim 12: Stay at the forefront of knowledge regarding volunteering.

Annual Impact Reports