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Cardiff Community

The Students' Union is here to represent and support you on all matters that crop up during your time at Cardiff. By being part of Cardiff University you are part of a much larger Cardiff Community and we want you to celebrate that. Cardiff has a large network of community associations covering everything from arts and culture to local neighbourhood improvements. Many groups are open to the whole community, including students, while others are for more specific groups with special needs and interests.

We endeavour to represent students and assist in their integration into this great City.

We do this by:

  • Attending local community meetings such as Police and Community Together, Plasnewydd Forum, Keep Cardiff Tidy and Community Regeneration Schemes.
  • Fighting to protect your money. This year your Students' Union changed the penalty procedures surrounding Section 46 Law. This means that you now get better warnings of waste offence penalties that could lead to £100 fines per household member.

  • Getting you jobs. Cardiff Unistaff Jobshop works with a growing number of local employers each year to help you get some part time work to support your study expenses.
  • Making you safer. We work with the local Police daily to ensure that you feel and stay safe in the City.
  • Improving housing standards. Student housing in Cathays is improving as Cardiff Student Letting leads by example and your Officers lobbied the Welsh Government to improve House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licensing in Cathays.
  • Working in partnership. The Students' Union runs multiple programmes which see Police, local residents, businesses, Councillors, and you, our members pooling our efforts to make Cardiff better for all.

We do all this for you because Cardiff Students’ Union is your Union. So what are you waiting for?

Get Involved, Love Cardiff