Drinkaware Crew at Cardiff SU

Who are Drinkaware Crew?

Drinkaware Crew are specially trained student staff working in bars and clubs in order to reduce drunken anti-social behaviour within the club and to keep Cardiff University students safe.

Why are they here?

Sometimes things can go wrong on a night out, you could lose your mates, or someone in your group has drunk a little too much, or you might have lost your stuff. Drinkaware Crew are trained to; provide support and promote a positive atmosphere to make sure everyone has a good time.

What do they do?

Drinkaware Crew work with other members of staff such as security and bar teams to ensure students have a happy, fun evening where the risk of harm is minimised.

At the start of the evening they work the queue, introducing themselves so students know they are there to help .  During the course of the night they mingle with students and check high risk areas where people may have drunk too much and are alone, such as the toilets and stairwells. At the end of the night, Drinkaware Crew check that everyone leaves the venue safely and help students into registered taxis. They wear Drinkaware Crew t-shirts so they are easily recognisable around the venue.

So look out for the Crew next time you are in Y Plas and if you do need some help, just let them know.

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