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As President, leads the Elected Officer team and the Students' Union as a whole and acts as the key link to the University's Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Council and Senate, as well as the NUS and other key stakeholders.


Hello and Shwmae! I am Fadhila, your new Students' Union President!

I am from a small group of islands in Oman. However, I was brought up in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I can speak four languages Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi as I am half Arab and half Indian. My main interests are Islam, education, science, politics and calligraphy.

I have always dreamed of studying abroad and it happened! However, when I first arrived in the UK, I could not speak two sentences of English. This is an experience that the majority of our international students have. Like many of them, I studied an intensive English language course in Salisbury. Then I came to Cardiff, my second home. Here, I took an International Foundation Programme (IFP). I went on to do a fascinating degree in Genetics. I’m proud to say I have graduated with a 2:1!

Whilst studying, I got involved many activities and roles in both the Students' Union and the University. My first interaction started as Head of Education in Islamic Society, then I become student warden in Aberdare hall, Genetics students' rep, General Secretary of Biosciences, Education Executive, and I used to volunteer with local and national NGOs. It is because of these roles and the experiences I gained that I was inspired to run for VP Education. Indeed, it was such a fantastic year! I enjoyed serving our students and creating a difference for them.

However, I didn’t stop there. I have always been passionate about education, as I believe freedom is in education, and prospering people’s lives and the world is my purpose in life. So, I decided to lead our student movement and got re-elected but as Students' Union President this time, shattering the barriers and being the first International Muslim woman to be one.

My priorities for this year are:

  • Lobbying for the creation of a multi-faith room in the Arts and Social Studies Library
  • Developing a Students' Union rooftop garden and pioneering green energy
  • Lobbying the Welsh Assembly for better housing regulations
  • Providing professional fundraising training for societies and sports clubs
  • Creating a new “Your student guide” for home, international and Erasmus students
  • Mental health training for personal tutors and more 1-2-1 professional counselling

And more! #IHearYou #LetsMakeItHappen together!

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