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works as a direct liaison between the Union and the University on all non-academic issues in the best interests of students and represents your welfare needs to the University.


Hollie is 21 years old and has recently graduated with a Law degree. Before coming to Cardiff, Hollie grew up in West Berkshire where she attended St Bartholomew’s School. Subsequently she attended Cirencester College where she studied A-Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Psychology.

During Hollie’s time at Cardiff she has been involved in many aspects of the Students’ Union. In particular, she has been the Co-President of the Union’s sexual health student-led service, leading projects such as the implementation and maintenance of the condom dispensers. In conjunction with this, Hollie has been the student-led service representative on the society executive committee, whilst also being part of the welfare executive committee.

Following on from her involvement in the Students’ Union, Hollie decided to run for Vice President Welfare in the 2016 student elections. She conducted a Sesame Street themed campaign, which she executed alongside her mascot the Cookie Monster. Hollie later became elected and began her term in office in June 2016.

Hollie’s priorities for the year include:

  • Increase personal tutor accountability by developing a feedback system based on their performance, ensuring a better level of care is provided in regards to both students’ personal and academic lives.
  • Introduce a night bus to run between Cathays, University Halls, the Heath and Talybont to allow students to engage in evening activities without feeling unsafe.
  • Reform the welfare system in the Students’ Union by introducing a welfare budget and a fully functioning wellbeing executive committee.
  • Ensure that freshers are aware of the wellbeing and student-led services on offer from day one by introducing a ‘Freshers’ Wellbeing Booklet’.

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