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works to improve the healthcare student experience and the services at the Heath Park Site. represents healthcare students on everything and anything whether that may be academic issues or getting involved in clubs and societies.


Hello / Shwmae, my name’s Kirsty; I have finished four years of my medical degree and I’m currently taking a year out to be your VP Heath Park. At the end of this year I will return to my studies for final year before graduating! I am originally from Gloucestershire (having moved around quite a lot in the area) but I went to secondary school at Stroud High School and then moved to Pate’s Grammar school to study A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.

Before coming to university I was a keen swimmer but decided to take up netball whilst at university instead. In general though, I love pretty much all things active and outdoors, unless it includes food in which case I am happy inside or out!

Last year I sat on Niko’s Exec Committee (previous VP Heath Park) which inspired me to run for the role. I realised the vast and differing needs of students at the Heath and how much the student voice can have an impact on these issues to make positive change! You might remember me as #Hep4Heath during campaign week, or the girl running around Cathays with balloons strapped to her bag; but for now I hope to be known as the girl with an always open door and listening ear.

My priorities include:

  • To develop Student Support and the availability of services to those studying while not only at the Heath site but also when off site.
  • To improve placements for students.
  • To increase engagement with students at the Heath campus.
  • To develop bicycle parking facilities for students at the Heath.
  • To increase awareness and improve social and kitchen spaces at the Heath Site.

What Is Working On?