Medics Football Club

Medics Football Club

Cardiff Medics AFC is a football club for healthcare students at Cardiff University. The club was founded many years before the merger between the Welsh College of Medicine and Cardiff University and has an established history as a club active in University and inter-medical school football. 

We aim to win football matches whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. All standards are very welcome from any allied healthcare course including Medical, Dental and Physio, amongst others. We train twice a week and play in the BUCS leagues on Wednesday afternoons. We also play in the National Association of Medical Schools (NAMS) tournament each year against other medical sport teams throughout Britain and compete in the NAMS Cup tournament monthly on Sundays.

We have three teams covering a wide range of abilities and commitments. Our 1st team compete above the University Football Clubs 2nd team and are ranked as the 2nd best squad at the University and the best medical football squad in the UK. Our 2nd squad caters for the committed and long-term devotees to the sport of football, with our 3rd squad offering a relaxed, more social style of football.

Membership is free until Christmas time and if you're enjoying yourself we ask for your club subsidy then. Our club does not have a refund policy, since the membership costs go towards social membership and the development of the club. 


Refund Policy

  1. All individuals who have purchased the £35 memberships are entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days following purchase. This is valid provided the membership was purchased through the website. Following this, there will be no refund given unless there is a majority of the committee who feel a refund is valid.
  2. In order for the refund to be processed by the treasurer an email must be sent from a email address specifying the reasons for the refund. An absence of reasons will mean that the refund transfer cannot be processed. The email must be from the member who wishes for a refund to the treasurer or president.
  3. The refund shall be processed by the treasurer within 2 weeks of request.

Once the refund has been processed by the treasurer the individual is no longer a member of Cardiff Medics Football Club unless they purchase a membership again.


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