Surf Sports

Surf Sports

Welcome: Join into our network of kooks keen to go surfing anytime, anywhere! ‘OFFshore, OFF uni’

Dictionary definition of a kook: ‘a mad or eccentric person’ … sums us up well!

Why join us:

For just £25 you’ll get:

  • Regular trips to local beaches on the cheap with all kit provided
  • Access to club kit –  including foamies, minimals, monster SUP and winter wetsuits
  • Wear our newly designed Cardiff Uni kit with pride
  • Priotrity booking onto our trips futher afield around the beautiful UK and abroad
  • Meet lots of open, friendly and like minded people
  • Challenge yourself to start something new
  • Make a network of friends to share lifts to the beach
  • Get the best photos doing cool stuff to get likes on Instagram
  • Invites to the most inventive socials for nights you probably wont remember
  • Actually improve your surfing! Although we don’t take ourselves too seriously most of the time – we do offer the chance to progress and improve including the chance to compete in BUCS (inter-uni surf competition in Newquay)

One things for sure, you are guaranteed a great mix of new experiences which get you hooked instantly... so you may as well get membership as you’ll be leaving wanting more!

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Shakas xxxxx


*Refund Policy: Member may refund membership up to one month after purchasing, on the condition that member has not attended ANY surfsports related events in that month (NOTE: GIAG is not included in this list).*


  • Surf Sports Standard Membership£25.00
  • Surf Sports Half Year Membership£15.00


  • Surfing GIAG Sat 6 Oct 2018 - Give it a Go£20.00
  • Surfing GIAG Sat 6 Oct 2018 - Members£0.00
  • Limited Cardiff Surf Sports Robies£36.00
  • Breakfast Varsity Wed 10 Apr 2019 - Members£5.00
  • Marina Soares£14.00
  • Nicole Chalder£63.00
  • Ayesha Garvey£75.00
  • Martina Merenda£63.00
  • Pete Bowhay£13.00
  • Jayde Stevenson£19.00
  • Joe Taylor£14.00
  • Duncan Grant£14.00
  • Grace Murray£14.00
  • Ciaran McNally£33.00
  • David Morgan£38.00
  • Holly Monson£14.00
  • Matthieu Trentesaux£12.00
  • Conor Lally£26.00
  • Sarah Menard£12.00
  • Harriet Hoskyns£23.00
  • Alex Cowen£14.00
  • Emilie Collins£14.00
  • Annie White£26.00
  • Kieran Fussell£49.00
  • John Smith£49.00
  • Mia Georgio£14.00
  • Zac Jones£26.00
  • Jamal Nawaz-Khan£49.00
  • AU Ball ticket 2019 Pete & Sarah£18.00
  • Vinyl Long Sleeve£14.00

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