Cycling Club

Welcome to Cardiff University Road Cycling Team 2023/24! 


Is cycling something you've always wanted to try? Are you an aspiring Geraint Thomas or Laura Kenny? Looking to have a good time here at Cardiff University?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you’ve come to the right place! Here at CURCT, there is something for everyone! 


We are currently ranked as a Silver Tier club by the Athletics Union and have a steadily increasing highly active membership of over 50!



As a member you can take advatage of all the amazing oppurtunities we offer to our members and our Fresher's membership start at £35, with a full CURCT membership being £40! 


We have weekly sessions at Maindy Outdoor Velodrome (less than 5 minutes walk from Talybont residences!) and cater for all abilities. These sessions are run by our CURCT road captains. Our Wednesday slot runs from 2:00-5:00pm and are split into three sessions. There is a Casuals based session from 2:00-3:00pm, great for those new to two wheels looking to build confidence on a bike and on a velodrome, followed by a Skills/Bikeability session from 3:00-3:30pm, ending with the Advanced training session from 3:30-5:00pm. For those wishing to push towards being more competitive, we additionally offer a Friday BUCS training session 5:00-6:00pm aimed at Advanced riders.



CURCT also lead Sunday rides each week, with three rides available of different distance and speeds and a no-drop rule. Each route is guided by a ride leader, and will often include a cafe stop! These rides are a great opportunity to explore the city and surrounding welsh countryside in a safe and friendly environment! These rides are done in conjunction with CUTri and offer a great social opportunity while exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside. The rides are posted on our Facebook and Whatsapp Group so members can choose the ride they wish to attend.


Our CURCT Socials Facebook page can be used by members to organise their own impromptu rides throughout the week as well! Anything from a duo of riders to a large group may go out on these rides and they are perfect for meeting new people and spending some free time on the bike. 


It's not all about the bike riding though! We're also known for our out-of-this-world socials. Don't believe us? Head down for one of our socials and we guarantee you will have an unforgettable night! From trips to the pub, pub crawls, Wednesdays in the SU and nights out in town... we do it all. It's our resident Social Secretary's job to ensure you have a good time and they never disappoint! Socials are nothing to be afraid of and offer the best way of getting to know your fellow club members while having a good time! With regular social dates, you'd be mad to not come along! An idea of what you can look forward to include; The 'Tour of Cathays' and Christmas and End of Year meals to name a few.  We also run non-alcoholic socials throughout the year too such as bowling, go karting and climbing to name a few! So there's no excuse not to get involved with the fun! All details can be found on our CURCT Socials facebook group!



Marmots on Tour! That’s right! Fancy a holiday? We offer the opportunity for our members to travel out of Cardiff and explore! The Tour events of the past include Snowdonia, Devon, Brecon, Peak District and the Isle of Wight, this next year we are looking to continue tradition with our tours!



The Time Trials are the best way of testing improvement over the year, be it the Hill Climb up Caerphilly Mountain or the Club 10 mile on the Newport Flats. They present the opportunity to ride solo against the clock against your personal bests and other members of the club. 


As well as all the above there are opportunities to race in numerous events. These events include the BUCS Championships, Varsity events against our rivals at Swansea University Cycling Team, Western University League, British Cycling Races and Charity events!



If any of this appeals to you then do come along! We will have taster sessions for both track and sunday rides if you are still unsure, or just get into contact with any of our committee if you have any burning questions. So grab your helmet, jump on your bike and we'll see you in around


In the meantime, follow us on Instagram! @cardiffunicycling and join our facebook groups @CURCTOFFICAL and @CURCTSOCIALS


Our CURCT OFFICAL facebook group is where you will see details of rides and track sessions, so that is the most important page to get all info all CURCT related! CURCT SOCIALS is where socials will be posted as well as impromptu mid-week rides.


* REFUND POLICY: All students are welcome to attend our give it a go sessions. If you express an interest in joining the club, you will be able to attend our Maindy training sessions for 2 weeks before a membership must be purchased. After this two week cooling off period, the membership fee will not be refunded except at the discretion of the club president.

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  • Cycling Club Standard Membership£40.00
  • Cycling Club Erasmus/Half Year Membership£20.00
  • Cycling Club Fresher's Membership£35.00


  • Curry inc corkage and poppadoms£15.00
  • Curry inc poppadoms£13.50
  • 2nd half year membership£20.00
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