Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

What is Touch Rugby? 

Touch rugby is the third most popular form of Rugby with over 25,000 participants in the UK and played in over 75 countries worldwide. The game is fun, fast-paced and great for fitness but easy to learn and inclusive. Being a mixed sport, no more than 3 boys are allowed on the pitch at once in a team of 6. Because of how quick the game is, Touch has rolling substitutions meaning that everyone in a 14 person squad will get plenty of game time every game.  

Touch is established at the university  level with the top 24 teams competing in the University National Touch Series.


Game against Kiwi Dragons 24/11/2021


The University Touch Series is a mixed competition first played within North and South divisions. The top 24 teams qualify for the national rounds. 

In 2021/22, Cardiff finished 3rd in the South Division, qualifying for the National Cup Competition.

1st  - Bath (52)

2nd - Exeter (50)

3rd - Cardiff - (44)

4th - Bristol (34)

5th - Surrey (26) 



UTS RD2 (Surrey) cup finalists                                          UTS MWs (Oxford) Mens and Womens Team                    UTS RD 1 (Oxford) team huddle

Non-UTS Competition 

CUTR have excellent connections with local clubs and have friendly fixtures regularly. Non-UTS players get priority in selection, so every club member is guaranteed game time. Most games are mixed, however, occasional Womens or Mens matches are organised. 



Training is currently 3 times a week, however, there is not an expectation that all members attend all sessions. Details of times and venues can be found on our Club Instagram page. 



We host regular socials so far ranging from typical pre-wednesday YOLO gatherings, post UTS outings, scavenger hunts around Cardiff and Christmas/End of Year balls but our social secs are constantly thinking up new ideas! 



Christmas Ball (2021) Committee photo         Halloween Social 

UTS Results (2021/22) 

Womens (MW RD1) - 7th

Mens (MW RD1) - (Plate WINNERS) 

UTS (RD1) - 5th (Plate WINNERS)

UTS (RD2) - 2nd (Cup Finalists) 

(check out our silverware below!)
















Official Athletic Union Club Photo ft. Pete the Dragon (center front) 

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