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Welcome to the home of Touch Rugby at Cardiff University!


Thought you’d hung up the rugby boots for life? Think again. Touch rugby (commonly known as Touch or Touch Football) is a minimum contact, exponentially growing sport across the world, known for its simplicity and fast-paced nature. Usually split into three competitive categories: Womens, Mens and Mixed, we’re a sport proud of our inclusivity.   

Fan of a cheeky side-step? Show us what you’ve got. Got a competitive edge? Bring it! Just trying to learn a new sport/meet new people? Pop down to training and get involved – we’re a sport for all, ages, experience and levels of fitness.

 Simple breakdown of the rules:

 Game duration: 20 minutes a half (there can be some exceptions).

 6 players on each team (In a mixed competition: 3 girls and 3 boys). Limitless substitutions.

 If you get touched while in possession of the ball, put it on the ground for your teammate to pick up and restart play.

If you touch your opponent who is in possession of the ball, you need to run backward 7m to get on side and ready to make another touch.

You can only pass the ball to your teammates backwards.

You have 6 chances to be touched by your opposition before you need to score a try. Think you can do it in less than 6? We’ll see you at training! 



When are the GIAGs?

Tuesday 26th September 7.30-8.30pm at Talybont 3G pitch

Sunday 1st September 12.30-2pm at Talybont 3G pitch

Is this tag rugby?

No! Though often mistaken for each other, touch and tag are two different sports with some key rules differentiating them. We do not use tags. Further to this, the attacking team is allowed to make a touch on their opponent. There are seven players on a tag team while touch has 6 players on each team.

What do I need to bring?

Water, boots (trainers are an option to begin with but you’ll understand when the grass is wet), shorts/leggings, and a willingness to get stuck in.

Do I have to have played touch or rugby before?

Prior experience absolutely not necessary! It may make it a little easier to pick up some of the rules if you’ve played sports before but we've all got to start somewhere! We have two teams suited to both experienced and less experienced players, giving everyone a chance to play on a competitive level.

Where can I find out more information?

Check out our stand at Fresher’s Fairs, come to our GIAG sessions, message our social media pages, and when all else fails, do some googling.  

Photo: Our international players at the European Championships 2023

Check out YouTube and our affiliation to learn more about touch as a sport! 



Pre-season training sessions begin in September. 

Training sessions are held weekly on Thursdays from 18.30-19.30 pm and Sundays from 13.00-14.30 pm at Taly 3G pitch for both beginners and more experienced players. 

We hold Give It A Go sessions each semester giving new students the opportunity to try out touch but you are welcome to join our weekly training sessions throughout the year.

** For up-to-date info on dates and times, follow our club instagram page ** 


University Touch Championship (UTC)

Our competitive treasure. 

Once known as the University Touch Series (UTS), the introduction of Touch to the BUCS programme reflects the speed of Touch Rugby's growth across UK Universities. With 2022-23 highlighting the beginning of a new era, 24 teams competed in the University National Touch Championship last year. Essentially a series of touch competitions throughout the acedemic year, the top 24 qualifiers from both North and South then enter the National rounds to compete for the national title. 

Photo: 2nd team huddle with Edinburgh touch after winning the 3rd place final (bowl league)

The dragons (1sts) won the first Regional Championships of the 22/23 season and the Sheep (2sts) made their debut at the first National Championships improving massively with each tournament, finishing in 3rd place in the league above they started.

With nominations and winners of MVP throughout the UTS season and a jump from 12th to 4th place nationally, 2021/22 boasted a very successful year for Cardiff Uni Touch. 


UTS Round 2 (Surrey) cup finalists                                       
UTS Mens Womens (Oxford) Mens and Womens Team       
UTS Round 1 (Oxford) team huddle


Non-UTS Competitions and fixtures 

Aside from UTS competitions, CUTR have excellent connections with local Cardiff clubs and have regular friendly fixtures and compete in local seasonal leagues. Most games are mixed, however some friendly games offer the opportunity to showcase mens/womens only talent. 

The Exhibition 


Displaying just some of what touch has to offer at University level, Cardiff University Touch Rugby hosted our very first Touch Exhibition tournament at Cardiff Arms Park in 2022. Another very successful day this year saw spectators cheer on their teams from across the UK to battle it out in University Touch Rugby’s most exclusive event!



We host regular socials so far ranging from typical pre-wednesday YOLO gatherings, post UTS outings, scavenger hunts around Cardiff and Christmas/End of Year balls but our social secs are constantly thinking up new ideas! 

This year we have got a sponsorship with MISFITS (a popular student bar in Cathays) meaning we always have a place to have pres before YOLO.


Varsity 2023 
Typical Wednesday night at YOLO
 Athletic Union Awards 2023
"Beach touch"          



Official Athletic Union Club Photo ft. Pete the Dragon (center front) 


REFUND POLICY: Membership refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. To seek a refund, please contact the club president who will present the case to the rest of the committee before a decision is made. 


Still have questions? 

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  • Touch Rugby Club Standard Membership£35.00
  • Touch Rugby Club Social Membership£20.00


  • 5th Year Anniversary Event Ticket£55.00
  • UTC Fuel£9.46
  • Exhibition£10.00
  • UTC Nationals Two Fuel£10.23
  • AU Ball 23/24£40.00
  • End of Season Ball 23/23£25.00
  • Summer League One Match£11.00
  • Summer League Two or more Matches£16.50
  • Summer League Two or more Matches + Bus£18.50