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Hey, welcome to the Cardiff University Ladies Football webpage! 

The home of Ladies football at Cardiff Uni, better known as CULF. We are one of the most rapidly growing clubs of Cardiff’s Athletic Union and we pride ourselves in creating opportunities for females to continuing playing an elite level of football at university. With the integration of our development team and IMG leagues in the past couple of years, we have teams suited to all abilities. Whether you wish to play competitively, for fun, or just enjoy the social aspect, CULF prides itself on its footballing success and its inclusive social scene. Students find CULF a wonderful way to socialise and make friendships that last a lifetime! 



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First Team 

Compete in BUCs Western 1A division games played every Wednesday. Home games are played at Llanrumney and away games across England and Wales. 


Futsal Team 

Compete in BUCs Premier South (after promotion last season), with games played on Saturdays. Home games are played at Cardiff University Sports Training Village - Talybont and away games across England and Wales. 


Second Team 

Compete in BUCs Western 2B division games played every Wednesday. Home games are played at Llanrumney and away games across England and Wales. 


Development squad 

We have IMG (intramural games) teams which form a league of Devs teams that play against each other every Wednesday. Devs training takes place once a week. Devs is an opportunity to improve your football skills and showcase your ability to potentially progress to the 1st or 2nd team. It is also a place to progress into a team if you missed trials which took place at the beginning of the year. 

Contact us for anymore information on this! 


SOCIALS - Every Wednesday afternoon/evening 

CULF girls go hard! Our Wednesdays are always memorable, so get your thinking caps on because our effort, creativity and themes never disappoint. We are lucky enough to have a sponsorship with the TAF (@thetafcusu) where we often host socials. This partnership also gets us queue jump wristbands making us first in and for some of the girls last out of YOLO nights. 


CULF also has a significant focus on raising money for chosen charities through several fun events and fundraising challenges. Anyone can put forward ideas and get involved. 



Cardiff University Ladies Football Club is proud to welcome The Taf as our official sponsor! @thetafcusu provide us with queue jump and free entry into the SU on a Wednesday night and reserve a space for us to hold pre-drinks as well as other social events too such as the Christmas dinner! 



Squads are selected each week by the 1st team, 2nd team, and futsal captains and are posted in the Facebook group chat. 


  • 2nd team training: 7-8pm on Talybont 3G 

  • 1st team training: 6-7pm on Talybont 3G 

  • Futsal training: 7-8:30pm in the Talybont Sports Hall 


  • Development training: 7.30-8.30pm on Talybont 3G.  


  • Futsal/Fitness training: 12.00-2.00pm in the Talybont Sports Hall. 





  • TRIALS!!?? - Trials are for students aiming to play for the 1st or 2nd team:

  • Pop us an email if you missed the trials this year!

Here are the dates for the 2024/25

  • TBC

  • GIVE IT A GO!!?? - GIAG sessions are for individuals with no footballing experience and/or who do not want to trial 

Here are the dates and for the 2023/2024 give-it-a-go sessions:  

  • 28/9/23 at Talybont 3G (7-8pm) 



Cardiff took the win last year in a dramatic penalty shootout! 

The Welsh Varsity is one of the biggest events of the year. This year we will be defending our title on Swansea’s home ground so, even more reason for a fabulous turnout, some great football, and obviously retain our title. 

Varsity is usually held in April therefore the squad is announced closer to the event.  




  • Cardiff Uni Ladies football will give a full membership refund if: 

  • A member has sustained an injury within a month of applying for their membership, which inhibits them to train or play matches. 

  • A member changes their mind about their membership 1 week after they pay. After this week, they will not be eligible for a refund. 

  • If a member ‘drops out’ of Cardiff University, their refund will be determined by how far they are into the year. The club’s president will decide this.  

  • Similarly, if a member sustains an injury, inhibiting them to take part in training or matches, their refund will be determined by how far they are into the year. The club’s president will also decide this. 

Other than this, members are not eligible for a refund on their membership. The club president at the time will deal with the incident and judge it accordingly. 




Contact one of us if you have any questions or look at our social media pages. Follow us for more information and updates throughout the season! 

Follow our socials too! 

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  • Ladies' Football Club Standard Membership£45.00
  • Ladies' Football Club Social Membership£15.00
  • Ladies' Football Club Erasmus Membership£20.00


  • Laser tag Wed 15 May 2024 - Members£10.00

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