Equestrian Club

Equestrian Club

Welcome to Cardiff Equestrian Club

The club welcomes all individuals, providing training and competitions for experienced riders, tuition for beginners and everything in between. Owning horses can be expensive, so the university aims to offer a range of equestrian opportunities at discounted prices that would not be possible outside such an organisation. From learning to ride, competing within a team or simply enjoying a relaxing hack, Cardiff provides something for everyone. Inclusivity is our goal!



Riding lessons are open to all, including those who have never tried horse riding before. Riders are categorised according to ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and then grouped with others at a similar level, ensuring everyone gains the most from their time. Lessons take place at different venues which have been chosen specifically for their quality of horses and teaching. Intermediate and Beginner lessons take place at Cardiff Riding School, Pontcanna, whilst the advanced lessons and team training take place at Triely Fields Equestrian Centre.

Refund Policy

The cut-off point for a refund for a lesson is 7 days before, so for Wednesday lesson, the cut off day is the Wednesday prior. If cancellation occurs after this then you will not receive a refund unless you are able to organise a replacement rider however the club cannot help with this.  



Hacks take place on a regular basis, usually once a month and are a very popular branch of the club. A variety of both long and short hacks are available, some lasting an hour or two whilst others may take all day and include a pub lunch. Places on hacks are highly sought after, in particular, the beach rides.

Rides are flexible and booked via an online sign-up. This means you are free to pick and choose when you want to ride in order for it to fit in with your studies, social life and bank account! Emails and posts on our club Facebook group will go out to alert you that the online sign up is open. Once you have been allocated a place on a ride, sufficient notice of cancellation must be given so that place can be filled. Cancellation without notice may leave you liable for the fee. Rides are only able to go ahead if there is sufficient interest.                  

Transport to rides varies from members driving in their own cars to use of the union's minibuses, each depending on availability. Petrol money for members own cars can be reclaimed from the club. Willing members are encouraged to partake in a simple training session which enables them to drive the union's cars/minibuses.

For those riding at an advanced level, there is the opportunity to compete in the BUCS League Equestrian Competitions.

Within the first few weeks of term team trials are held and teams of 5 (4 members, 1 reserve) are selected. Due to the high demand and previous success of the club, Cardiff Equestrian now have 4 teams competing in the BUCS Mini and Trophy Leagues, and a Development Squad for 1st-year students who show potential to be on a team for the following year. Our teams travel around the country- it is a fantastic opportunity not only to represent your university but to improve your riding skills too!

Each team competes in a league of up to 4 teams, with the best team in each league qualifying for the regional and then potentially the national final. Each team in the league hosts its own home competition (Cardiff home competitions take place at Triley Fields Equestrian Centre). The competitions are essentially combined training, consisting of dressage and show jumping.

At each competition 4 dressage horses are provided and one member from each team rides one. The horse/rider combinations are drawn out of a hat on the day. The rider then has 7-10 minutes to warm up before completing their test. After a short break for lunch, the show jumping commences. Four different horses are provided and the selection process is repeated. Riders have a maximum of 4 warm-up fences before completing a round of show jumps. The showjumping phase is judged on style and accuracy as well as faults.

BUCS equestrian is fiercely competitive but Cardiff has an impressive history with teams qualifying for regionals last year and just missing out on national qualification. We aim to qualify this year, whilst also enjoying the competition experience!

The club encourages anyone who is interested to get involved in competitions. Whether you are competing, helping or just going along for the entertainment, competition days are always great fun and can't run without the support of club members. All involvement is greatly appreciated, whether it be helping to prepare the horses, writing for the dressage judge or timing those crucial 7 minutes!  


The club is continuously growing, 2014 saw the introduction of the first Welsh Equestrian varsity. Held in the same format as BUCS competitions, Cardiff proudly took home the trophy in 2014 and 2015 beating Swansea by a mile. The last two years we have not been so successful, although Swansea only beat us by 5 points in 2017 and narrowly won in 2018, but we have managed to regain the trophy in 2019 at home in Cardiff! Here's to keeping the trophy where it belongs...


It goes without saying that no university club would be complete without socials - Cardiff equestrian is no different! Regular socials take place on Wednesday nights, often involving themed nights starting in the Vulcan and ending in the students union, culminating in the prestigious ball at the end of the year. A whole host of awards are up for grabs at this black-tie event - some more desirable than others! In addition to nights at 'YOLO', highlights of the social calendar include many themed nights, for example, last year we had a Disney themed social and of course our legendary Christmas social!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for up to date information regarding the latest socials, and prepare to get creative with your fancy dress!


http://cardiffstudentmedia.co.uk/gairrhydd/sport/au-matters-equestrian-club/  - Link to Cardiff University's Independent Student Newspaper article on the previous success of the club.

Any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our committee members. We look forward to welcoming all new faces and hope to be even more successful this year!







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  • Equestrian Club Standard Membership£35.00
  • Equestrian Club Half-Year Membership£15.00


  • Team coats 2019-2020£45.00
  • Beginner Lesson 12/02 2pm£17.50
  • Intermediate Lesson 5/02 3pm£17.50
  • Intermediate Lesson 12/02 3pm£17.50
  • Intermediate Lesson 12/02 4pm£17.50
  • Advanced Lesson - 6/2/20£18.50