Cardiff University Barbell Club

Cardiff University Barbell Club – CUBC

CUBC is the strongest club in Cardiff encompassing everything to do with strength sports, the gym and fitness at Cardiff University. Training predominately out of our home, the university strength and conditioning centre; we aim to promote health and fitness within the student community by making strength sports and the gym accessible to all. Beginners are very welcome with our free coaching system allowing anybody the chance to recieve mentorship and coaching all year round. We also cater to elite strength sport athletes by hosting regualr competitions, providing high end equipment, networks and also support for competing. So regardless of your ability or who you are, CUBC is a supportive community of like-minded people who motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals. We take pride in our inclusivity and the diverse family we've created and are proud to be the Athletic Union's most improved club of 2024.

What do we actually do?
CUBC is in short, about picking things up. With caterings to all strength sports, we predominately have weightlifters and powerlifters. Yet we also have numerous members who just like the gym and some who just enjoy the social aspect of CUBC. Other sports like strongman, bodybuilding and crossfit are also welcome though as we support anyone who likes to pick up a barbell or get into the gym in any capacity.

Every week we get together on Tuesday nights in the Student Union gym to train together and is a great opportunity to meet people with similar training goals, similar interests, a mutual love of food and dislike of anything cardio. Our coaches are also present at the majority of sessions and so can be a great chance to get some in person support. We also plan to host multiple competitions including 3 powerlifting competitions and 1 weightlifting competition this 2024/25 academic year.

However it’s not all about gym, we have an active social calendar, a wide variety of events catering to everybody’s tastes. On Wednesdays, we have socials put together by our social sec. Most often, they involve a theme, a venue, as well as other activities to enjoy before going to Y-Plas, the student union nightclub. We also regularly have sober socials and days out to other places such as Roxy Lanes and Barry Island to name a few.

CUBC Membership price:

£35 for the academic year (does not include the Athletic Union membership (Tier 2) which is an additional £25) and includes the following:

  • Access to free coaching from within the club
  • Access to all events and competitions (external events are at additional cost; subsidised by CUBC)
  • Better access to CUBC equipment within the SU gym
  • Access to CUBC branded training and casual kits                                                  
  • Member exclusive discounts on group order with partnered companies such as A7 and SBD

**CUBC membership does not cover access to the uni gym, a CU Sport membership or purchased day pass will be required to access the session. 

Refunds: If you've given it a good go, attended 2 sessions and CUBC is still not your thing we'll offer a full refund on membership (at the membership price you paid when signing up) for up to 2 weeks from the date of purchase. We are unable to refund the AU membership fee. Please contact the President or Treasurer for more info. 

Keep an eye on on our Instagram and if your not part of our members' groupchat, DM us on Instagram and we can add you to keep up to date with what CUBC is up to!

Instagram:  @_cubc_

DM our Instagram for any further queries!

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  • Cardiff University Barbell Club Standard Membership£35.00


  • XS CUBC A7 singlet£70.00
  • S CUBC A7 singlet£70.00
  • M CUBC A7 singlet£70.00
  • L CUBC A7 singlet£70.00
  • XL CUBC A7 singlet£70.00
  • XXL CUBC A7 singlet£70.00
  • XXS A7 CUBC singlet£70.00
  • AU ball 2024 *(committee only)*£40.00
  • CUBC Summer Ball 2024 Wed 22 May 2024 - Students£19.00