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Cardiff University Barbell Club

Cardiff University Barbell Club – CUBC

CUBC is a sports club focusing on all strength sports, primarily, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, sport specific and General S&C. Training out of the university strength and conditioning centre; we aim to promote health and fitness within the student community and make strength sports as accessible as possible to all. Beginners are very welcome, we run programmes for all abilities, CUBC is a supportive community of like-minded people who motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be. 

What do we actually do?
CUBC is all about weights, in short, we like picking things up. Sessions are a great opportunity to meet people with similar training goals, similar interests, a mutual love of food and dislike of anything cardio.

It’s all about the big 3,
-Bench Press

Olympic Weightlifting:
Focus is on the two classical competition lifts,
-Clean & Jerk

During CUBC sessions, you will find us training hard, a good atmosphere and always pushing each other to do the best we can. We benefit from each other’s experience as well as partnerships with qualified coaches. 
However it’s not all about gym, we have an active social calendar, a wide variety of events catering to everybody’s tastes.

CUBC: £35 for the academic year (does not include the Athletic Union membership (Tier 2) which is an additional £25)

- Coached training sessions with CUBC
- Access to all events and competitions (external events are at additional cost; subsidised by CUBC)
- Use of CUBC exclusive training equipment
[.Ohio Power Bar, Ohio Deadlift Bar, Texas Power Bar, competition Change Plates (0.5,1,1.5,2,2.5kg), 2.5kg technique bumper plates]
- Access to CUBC branded training and casual kit

- Personalised training programmes

- Member exclusive discounts on group orders with companies we have partnerships with (SBD, A7 & TBA)

Training sessions and times:

- Tuesdays 8pm-10pm

All sessions are in the Conditioning and Fitness Centre (3rd floor) in the University gym behind the SU.

**CUBC membership does not cover access to the uni gym, a CU Sport membership or purchased day pass will be required to access the session. 

Refunds: If you've given it a good go, attended 2 sessions and CUBC is still not your thing we'll offer a full refund on membership (at the membership price you paid when signing up) for up to 2 weeks from the date of purchase. We are unable to refund the AU membership fee. Please contact the President or Treasurer for more info. 

Keep an eye on our social media for the latest

- https://www.facebook.com/groups/147048179301138
- https://www.instagram.com/_cubc_/?hl=en

Direct Message our Instagram for any enquiries!

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