Polo Club

Polo Club

Our ever growing club aims to provide fun and affordable polo for anyone studying at Cardiff University, as well as associate members from Cardiff Metropolitin University. The club welcomes everyone, whether you are an experienced horse rider or have never sat on a horse before. 

The club offers flexible training multiple times a week at Longdole Polo Club. You can train as much or as little as you like throughout the year. We aim to organise people in groups of the same level to ensure everyone gets the most out of the training sessions.

We have a taster session on Saturday 5th October 2019. The session will be held in the afternoon and transport will be organised accordignly when final numbers have decided. The taster session will introduce you to hitting the ball with the mallet, sitting on a wooden horse to practice your swing and time on horses putting together all the basics you have learnt.  

The two main highlights of the year are the SUPA championships which are weekend tournements against other universities in the UK. Firstly, Winter Nationals are arena championships held in February and secondly the outdoor Summer Nationals on grass in June. All abilities can be entered into the appropriate class in both tournements. EVERYONE CAN GET INVOLVED!!!!    

If you dont think you want to enter into nationals, there are still opportunities to play chukkas and tournaments. We are in the process of organising 'friendlies' against other universities who also train at Longdole Polo Club.

Maybe physically playing polo isnt for you, we still welcome members to come and support the club's teams and be part of the social side of the club.

Our social events throughout the year are inclusive for all with a variety of activities and events, including: 

- Day at Polo

- Day trips to the races

- Nights at the SU

- Games nights

- Joint socials with other sports clubs


Please get in contact with any of the committee or club members if you woukld like to join the club or for more information. We look forward to meeting you! 

The clubs' facebook group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/208175169363284/ or email cardiffunipoloclub@hotmail.co.uk

Like us of facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cardiffunipoloclub/

Our instagram page is: cardiffunipolo

Follow us on twitter- https://twitter.com/cardiffunipolo


Committee 2019/20

President - Loic Pohl

Vice President - Ollie Payne

Treasurer - Charlotte Sherpa-Blaiklock

Social Secretary  - Bilal Shamsi

Wellbeing Officer - Erin Field

Media Secretary - Ellie Midgley




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Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.


  • Kit Tops£30.00
  • Bulk Lessons Buy 5 get 1 free£225.00
  • Mahnam's Druid's£210.00