Cuesports Club

Welcome to Cardiff University Pool & Snooker Club (CUESOC) 2020/21

Cardiff University Cuesports is one the cheapest club to join in the Athletic Union and lets players of all abilities play snooker and pool on a regular basis in a fun, social atmosphere. Weekly sessions on Saturday evenings in our internal league lets you compete regularly and improve your skills. For those looking to test yourself against some serious opposition, we play in a number of tournaments throughout the year.

[BUCS Snooker 17/18 Team Trophy Winners! - left to right: Jack Bannister, Jasper Richards, Tom Casey, Alex Radford, Alex Welford]


Annual membership is just £20! For this, you get to participate in our internal pool and snooker league in addition to the chance to represent Team:Cardiff against institutions from across the UK. Whether you're a complete beginner or on your way to being the next Mark Williams, we've got what you need to improve your game, and'll make sure you have a laugh doing it!



Everything cuesports! English 8-Ball Pool, Snooker, American 9-Ball, Singles/Doubles Tournaments and much more!

...oh, and we're not adverse to the occasional pint now and then...



We meet every Saturday for our pool and snooker league. Time will be from about 7pm until 10pm.



We play our club pool and snooker league games every week at Park Conservatives Club, on City Road. This is the new home for the society for this year as our usual place requires a minibus which we can not do this year.



As well as our internal league and knockout competitions, you'll be wanting to prove your skills against players from other universities. We've got you covered. Every year we send teams to the following competitions:

  • Welsh University Pool Championships [WUPC]
    • Individual Championship Winner 2019, 2018 [Matt Bartman]; Finalist 2016, 2014 [Ifan Williams]
    • Tournament Player MVP 2018 [Jack Bannister]
    • Team Championship Winners 2014, 2016; Finalist 2018
  • BUCS Snooker Championships
    • Team Championship Winners in 2018, 2012, 2011; Team Shield Champions 2015
  • BUCS 8-Ball Pool Championships 
    • Individual Championship Winner 2015 [Ifan Williams], 2013 [Alex Thomson]
    • Team Championship Winners 2010; Team Championship Semi-Finalists in 2012, 2011;
      Team Shield Bronze-Medalists in 2013
  • Midlands Universities Snooker Championships 
    • Team Championship Winners 2012, 2011, 2010
  • UPC 9-Ball Pool Championships
    • Team Championship Winners 2014, 2008


We also regularly make up the bulk of the Welsh Universities teams at the Home Nations Pool and Snooker Championships; where a Welsh team competes against teams from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

2019 Callups: Matt Bartman (Men's Captain), Jack Bannister, Jasper Richards, George Bennett
2018 Callups: Alex Radford (Men's Captain), Matt Bartman, Jack Bannister, Faith Barorot (Women's Captain)