Mountaineering Club

Mountaineering Club


COVID-19: due to the SU and Welsh Government laws surrounding social distancing much of the information on this page is subject to changes, although we can guarantee that socially-distanced day-trips outdoors and indoor teaching sessions will be going ahead. Please follow our Facebook pages for more information,  Diolch :)


Croeso i Glwb Mynydda Prifysgol Caerdydd!

Welcome to the Cardiff University Mountaineering Club!  


(Image: Above; "Tighter-Lighter-Brighter", Fontainbleau 2019)

As one of the biggest and most active clubs in the Athletic Union, CUMC prides itself on being able to offer the widest-ranging and entertaining experiences for all our new and current members. We offer something for everyone: from our social nights-out to the boulders of Fontainebleau, there is great scope for complete beginners and experienced climbers alike to explore, play, and push themselves in situations many people would never even dream of! The only limit in this club is your enthusiasm! Membership is available to all students attending Cardiff University, and there is also a limited number of associated memberships for ultra-keen students not studying at Cardiff. Our members are a mixture of undergrads and postgrads. You are never too late, young, or old to join! It doesn't matter what stage of your university degree you are at, or how experience a climber you are.

(Images: Below left; Cosmique Arete, French Alps.
Below Right; El Chorro, Spain).

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We cater for every level of experience

Displaying IMG_3944.jpgBeginners: The club is very much structured around teaching and helping beginners with little or no previous experience until they can climb safely and independently on their own. All our leaders and teachers were taught by older members of the club when they first joined! You don't need to buy any basic equipment, we can provide it all for you from our kit store. (Image: Holyhead Mountain, North Wales).



Displaying IMG_3780.JPGExperienced: The club has climbers at every level from V-Diff to E-grades and you can never be too good or too bad. For our more experienced members, we offer several member-exclusive climbing trips to The Peak District for trad and El Chorro, Spain for sport. There is always the opportunity to push hard rock grades during visits to local and far-flung crags on mainstream weekend trips. (Image: Seamist, Pembrokshire).



Displaying IMG_1094.JPGCasual: Maybe you enjoy climbing but aren't completely obsessed with it? CUMC's social side is just about as extensive as its climbing. Our nights out are something to remember. We arrange alcoholic and non-alcoholic socials, throughout the year. Alcoholic socials are often themed, and extremely enjoyable...without crossing into silly initiation drinking fests! Alternatively, you can join us on our non-alcoholic socials which include activities such as movie nights, ice skating, meals, beach parties, fundraising events, and BBQs. If you want to meet people, climb sometimes, and party often then this is the club to join! (Image: CUMC sitting around the campfire, Fontainebleau).

And for every type of climbing

Displaying Image 1.JPGMountaineering: Club members have in the past run an annual trip which visited the Alps however more recently the club have been allocating that slot for a visit to El Chorro, Spain during the Christmas recess, for an improvement on Welsh weather! We also visit our local mountain range, the Brecon Beacons, for more casual walks and hikes. (Image: left; CUMC on the summit of Mont Blanc at 4810 m, French Alps).

Winter Climbing: If we have enough interest, during the Christmas recess we journey to the Scottish Highlands, staying in a bothy for 10 days. This is often to the Cairngorms. If conditions are even slightly reasonable we aim to tackle ice and/or mixed winter routes, otherwise, it is Munroe bagging. We are also known to jet off to North Wales, providing conditions are suitable. Expect cold conditions, early starts, dark walk-ins and some seriously impressive snow and ice climbing. Another trip that should not be missed! (Image: right; Unknown Route, Scotland). 

Outdoor Rock Climbing: During the weekends we run day trips to our local crags; the beautiful coastal cliffs of the Gower peninsula, the deep river gorge ofDisplaying IMG_0200.JPG the Wye Valley and to the sandstone escarpments of the Brecon Beacons. After a hard day of climbing, we go to a pub in Cardiff for a few drinks and a meal. Late in the spring semester, (when the days are longer, warmer and drier), we aim to visit crags in the evenings during the week rather than go indoor climbing. There is plenty to do for every grade of climber from beginner to extreme. Once a month for the entire weekend we go climbing at crags in North Wales, The Peak District, Pembrokeshire, Dartmoor, The Lake District, Yorkshire, Cornwall and Devon. At the end of each academic year, we spend 10 days on a climbing 'road trip' where we climb at some of the less-visited and hidden crags that we would never have to time to visit on a normal weekend. Join us if you want to explore the UK countryside! (Image: Demo Route, Sennen).

Indoor Rock Climbing: We are fortunate enough to have a choice of climbing centres; one called Boulders that's only a 10-minute drive from the Student's Union and another called Roc - Bloc around the same distance. We take a minibus down there every evening from 6 pm on a Tuesday and Thursday, staying until the centre closes! It is here where you will take your first climbing steps. Expect to see familiar faces if you head down outside of these times. (Image: Summit Centre)

Bouldering:  For the past 19 years the club has spent the Easter recess in Fontainebleau, France; the best bouldering area in the world. This is a hugely popular trip involving up to forty people, including old members. We spend a relaxed week sunbathing, drinking cheap red wine, gorging on cheese, and climbing the occasional bouldering route; a very social and memorable trip. (Image: Our ex-president, Ben, in Fontainebleau).




The Benefits of being a CUMC member-

(1) FREE teaching of indoor and outdoor climbing. Learning to climb in a centre would cost you 100s of pounds. We will teach you everything you need to know at no extra cost. 

(2) USE OF the KIT store. You will have access to all our equipment all year. This means there will be no need to buy your kit until you deem it necessary.

(3) REDUCED ENTRY / MEMBERSHIP to Boulders and RocBloc.

(4) Our BMC (British Mountaineering Council) affiliation means you can get a DISCOUNTED BMC MEMBERSHIP giving you access to cheaper insurance for climbing trips and use of the BMC huts, as well as free/ subsidised workshops, talks and film screenings.

(5) With your membership, you'll get FREE use of the MINIBUSSES to the local climbing centre boulders twice a week all year round with subsidised entry.

(6) Subsidised transport and accommodation to and from OUTDOOR TRIPS. 
(7) 10 - 20% OFF at Up and Under as well as lock-ins and outdoor film nights.
(8) EXPLORE the best of the British and European landscapes

(9) SUBSIDISED BMC and Mountain Training courses so you can have both confidence and qualification.

(10) Meet some wonderful, enthusiastic and friendly people.

Where does CUMC meet?

Theres been an update to our traditional sign-up system, please hold tight and follow the Facebook page and group for more details.


How can I join CUMC?

You can join CUMC the at the AU Fayre in the Students Union. CUMC will have a stall set up so you can come and talk to a committee member if you have any questions or would like to just meet us!

Alternatively, you can join online under 'Membership' at the bottom of this page.


How much does it cost to join CUMC?

It costs £25.00 to join CUMC for the year (Down from £35) and an additional £35 to join the athletics union (AU) if you aren't already a member.

The AU fee covers insurance but once you've paid you're good to take part in as many clubs as you want.

If you are not a Cardiff University student but would like to join CUMC or have other enquiries then please contact CUMC's president, Saumiyaah Nimal -


Useful climbing related links The definitive source for all Climbing and Mountain-related activity. UKC is the central source of information for climbing routes/crags in the UK. South Wales Climbing Wiki - Topo Maps for climbs in the area. The national mountaineering representative body for England and Wales that exists to protect the freedoms and promote the interests of climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers, including ski-mountaineers. - Collection of articles on outdoor rock climbing. - Collection of articles on indoor climbing walls. Welsh manufacturer of climbing equipment since 1981. Awarding body for all climbing related qualifications

Our sponsors!

This year we're fortunate to be sponsored by The Taf and Revolution Cardiff for our socials.

Check out the The Taf at:

And Revs @revsbarcardiff on instagram!



All images were taken during club trips.

On behalf of the committee and CUMC, we hope to see you at our meetings, trips and socials. Thank you for visiting our page.
Gargoyle Flake, Peak District National Park, UK



  • Sam Morris
    • CUMC Vice President: 2021-22

Refund Policy & Finance Requests:

Please submit all requests via this form:      


Must be opened using an account, if this isn't possible for you please contact the treasurer -      

Refunds will be given on the basis that a suitable reason is received by a member of the committee 48 hours before the start of the trip/activity on the premise the trip space can be filled by another member. There will be no membership refunds given.


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  • Mountaineering Club Standard Membership£30.00


  • Gower trip Sat 22 Jan 2022 - Members£5.00
  • BACKDATED BUCS Squad teamwear Mon 6 Jun 2022 - Members£20.75
  • Fontainebleau Postdated£30.00