Boxing Club

We are one of the most popular clubs at the university. Our aim is to introduce as many people to boxing as possible whilst developing our competitive boxers to the highest standards. You’re welcome here, no matter your ability or aspiration. Potential benefits:

  • Build confidence
  • Get fit and healthy
  • Learn the technical art of boxing
  • Reduce stress
  • (Optional) Compete against other universities and in national championships

All abilities and aspirations welcome

Haven’t done any boxing before? No problem. Most of our members begin with no experience at all. Beginners are welcome. Most of our ‘All abilities’ and ‘Beginners’ sessions are filled with eager beginners. We’ll teach you boxing technique; help you get fit and healthy and can take you as far as you’d like to go.

Want to become the next champion? You’re in the right place. We have trained English, Welsh, and university national champions. We have elite training sessions for advanced boxers to thrive.

Not keen on the idea of being punched? No worries. There’s no requirement to join in on contact / sparring / matches

Our club caters for all. If you don’t want to learn the contact elements of boxing, you don’t have to. You can simply get fit, enjoy the training, and gain the satisfaction of learning the technique. There is no requirement to get involved in sparring or competitive boxing.

Joining to make friends and have fun? Welcome! We have socials almost every week.

We have socials almost every week so everyone can get to know each other and have fun together. Our training is designed to be fun and effective so that people who want to do boxing purely for the joy of it can feel welcome and gain the benefits of boxing, and those who want to take it very seriously can also be pushed to achieve their best.

Membership and pricing

Anyone over the age of 18 can come try a session without membership. If you enjoy it (most people do), you can sign up and become a member. You’ll need to get an Athletic Union membership, and then join our club.

Current CU student: AU membership: £35. Boxing club membership: £45 annual.

Alumni / graduate / past CU student: AU membership: £50. Boxing club membership: £45 annual.

CU staff member: AU membership: £80. Boxing club membership: £45 annual.

Student at another institution: AU membership £80. Boxing club membership: £45 annual.

Non-students: AU membership £140. Boxing club membership: £45 annual.

All training sessions cost £2 - Cash on the door or booked online

Training schedule 2022/2023

Sessions for 2022/23 will be as follows: 

Tuesday 7:30 - 9pm – All abilities  – Y Stiwdio, SU

Wednesday 12:30-2pm – Beginners Sparring – UFC, Penlline Street, CF24 3BD

Wednesday 2-4pm – Advanced Sparring (invite only) – UFC, Penlline Street, CF24 3BD

Thursday 7:30 - 9pm – All abilities – Y Stiwdio, SU

Sunday 12-2pm – Advanced – UFC, Penlline Street, CF24 3BD

Please refer to the Facebook page for changes in training times.

  • ** Private individual/group sessions are available on request ***

Give it a go sessions will also be running on Tuesday the 4th of October at the Y Stiwdio, at the SU

What is a typical training session like?

Training is varied and depends on the specific ability of the boxers at the session.

A typical beginner and intermediate session might look like this:

Beginners will learn boxing basics and have the opportunity to develop advanced skills over time. Almost all sessions have a mixture of technique and conditioning, so you can learn to box and get fit at the same time. You will never be pressured to go beyond your limits, yet you’ll always be encouraged to improve yourself every session.

  • 20-minute warm up and dynamic stretching
  • 10 minutes learning a new technique and practicing it whilst shadow boxing
  • 3 to 6 rounds on bags, developing skills and fitness
  • 3 to 6 rounds partner pads, developing skills and fitness
  • Strength and conditioning / exercises
  • Cool down
  • Stretching / yoga

All sessions have plenty of breaks to rest and rehydrate

Advanced sessions

Our advanced boxers learn world-class boxing technique and strength and conditioning from highly experienced coaches and are encouraged to achieve as far as their aspirations go. We have worked with many national champions and medallists.

A typical advanced session will consist of skipping, bag work, pad work, sparring, strength and conditioning, cool down, and stretching. The nature and intensity of each session will depend on what stage of the season we’re in and when the next contests are.

We teach advanced boxing technique and S&C to the highest level and typically have national (BUCS) medallists every year. We usually have advanced boxers in most weight categories who have had anywhere between 1 and 50 bouts, including several national novice and open-class medallists.

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  • Boxing Club Standard Membership£45.00
  • Boxing Club Erasmus/Half-Year Membership Term 1£25.00
  • Boxing Club Erasmus/Half-Year Membership Term 2£25.00
  • Boxing club T-Shirt£15.00
  • Boxing club Sweatshirt£30.00
  • Boxing club 1/4 zip sweatshirt£32.50
  • Sun 26th March - Advanced session 12-2 - UFCC£2.00

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