Golf Club

Golf Club

The Golf Society at Cardiff University aims to promote golf to all students regardless of golfing ability. We are deemed by our members to be a friendly, welcoming sports club that is open to all, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or an absolute beginner. Over the last two years the Golf Society has grown in members and achieved Silver Tier status thanks to an enthusiastic elected student committee.

Cardiff University Athletic Union's Most Improved Club 2019

What do we do?

  • The golf society has a first team that plays in BUCS league matches on Wednesdays. These matches take place both home and away at courses in Wales and England. We also participate in the annual Varsity event against Swansea.
  • We run weekly range trips with professional coaching on hand, costing only £4. These sessions are relaxed and are open to all members who wish to either improve their golf or just hit some balls.
  • We have a dedicated social calendar with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic social events happening every two Wednesdays.  Highlights include: A knockout matchplay competition that runs throughout the year with prizes available and a big social event for the final, the annual varsity event and new for this year - a trip/tour away that will be available to all members in Easter 2020! 
  • We offer a reduced cost playing membership at our home club Radyr. Which enables purchasers to play the course freely on all days apart from some Saturdays.
  • We offer exclusive Cardiff University Golf branded kit available to purchase from November and an exclusive 5% member discount for Online Golf!
  • The golf society is a fantastic, friendly, well organised club with opportunities not to be missed!


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Any questions? Feel free to get in touch – Email us at and we’ll get back to you!

Membership - Two types of memberships are available to purchase.

  • Standard Membership – this allows purchasers to play in team matches, attend range sessions, buy kit, attend all social events and purchase a reduced cost membership for our home course of Radyr.
  • Social Membership – This type of membership allows purchasers to attend driving range sessions, purchase kit and attend all social events including the 2020 trip.
  • We also have a refund policy, therefore, if by any chance this club was not what you were expecting, refunds are available a month after purchasing your membership.

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Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.


  • MATCHPLAY 2019/2020£2.00
  • Radyr 2019/2020*£251.40
  • CUGC Tie£12.00
  • GOLF CLUB GIAG (Mini Golf - £7) Tue 28 Jan 2020 - Students£0.00
  • Tour Accommodation£50.00
  • Tour Courses£75.00