Karate Club


Whether you’re an experienced black belt, a complete beginner looking to try something new, or simply someone who is looking for an all-round sport to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility, Cardiff University Karate Club could be for you. Here at karate, we welcome people of all abilities and all styles and we benefit from a club atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming to everyone.




In training, we cover many different aspects of karate including kihon, (basic techniques and line-work), kata (forms and patterns), kumite (sparring) and pad-work. We also like to work on fitness and strength throughout our sessions. All of our instructors are Cardiff Uni students and have many years’ experience, plus they all love karate and are keen to make sessions fun, varied and challenging. There are opportunities for grading during the year, as well as chance to compete in competitions as an individual or for the university. We usually set aside dedicated time in our Saturday sessions to focus on upcoming gradings or competitions. 


We train twice a week in the SU on:


  • Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:30 in Y Stiwdio (SU)


  • Saturdays 12 - 1 (Beginner Only Session) & 1 - 3 (Mixed Ability Session) Both in Y Stiwdio (SU)




Follow our facebook and instagram pages for updates on training and socials!


We have multiple give-it-a-go sessions throughout the year, so come and give karate a try! If you can't make our GIAG sessions, you can still come along and try at one of our normal sessions; just purchase one of our 'Karate GIAG' tickets and then get in touch with us (via Facebook or Instagram) to let us know when you are planning to come. 




Our members have multiple opportunities to represent the club at competitions if they wish to do so. Competitions generally have categories for novice, intermediate and senior grades, allowing any graded member with a valid licence to compete. Every year, the club competes at BUCS against universities from around the UK. We also compete at more local tournaments, such as Welsh league, which has several events through the year. In addition, we also compete at Varsity every year against Swansea University, a well-loved sporting and social event, which sees most of our members join in to compete or to support other members.







Outside of training, we host a variety of socials throughout the year. From club nights to crazy golf, movie and pizza nights to pub dinners, there’s something for everyone. We aim to have socials once a fortnight and non-alcoholic socials once a month.



Get In Touch!


Join our Facebook page and Instagram page and see what we get up to in socials and training. You can also message us via our Facebook/Instagram page, if you have any questions. If you’re still interested, just come along to a session. We look forward to meeting you!




If you already have a licence purchased externally, please choose membership with own licence. If you don’t already have a licence, please choose the standard membership. Our membership fee goes towards the purchase of new equipment for the club, seminars and contributions towards competition travel and varsity expenses.

If you’re not studying at Cardiff University, you can still join the club! In the past, our members have included Cardiff University graduates and students from other universities in Cardiff. Please download the AU Associate Membership form from the SU website and follow the guidance to email it to SU finance. Be aware that an associate membership to the AU costs more, but we will only charge you our flat membership fee on top of that. Please note that only Cardiff University Students can compete in varsity.


Refund Policy


Refunds are available and will be considered by the committee on a case-by-case basis, taking into account number of sessions attended and other personal circumstances.  Please get in touch with our president or treasurer with your reasons for requesting a refund and we will get in touch with the committee’s decision. Please be aware that our standard membership includes the price of a licence (£15) – once you purchase this membership we will undergo the process of taking details needed for the licence. After the licence has been purchased, this portion of the membership will not be refundable, so get in touch as early as possible to maximise your chance of a full refund.







  • Karate Club Standard Membership£45.00
  • Karate Club Membership with Own Licence£30.00

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