Karate Club


Whether you’re an experienced black belt, a complete beginner looking to try something new, or simply someone who is looking for an all-round sport to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility, Cardiff University Karate Club could be for you. Here at karate, we welcome people of all abilities and all styles and we benefit from a club atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming to everyone.




In training, we cover many different aspects of karate including kihon, (basic techniques and line-work), kata (forms and patterns), kumite (sparring) and pad-work. We also like to work on fitness and strength throughout our sessions. All of our instructors are Cardiff Uni students and have many years’ experience, plus they all love karate and are keen to make sessions fun, varied and challenging. There are opportunities for grading during the year, as well as chance to compete in competitions as an individual or for the university. We usually set aside dedicated time in our Saturday sessions to focus on upcoming gradings or competitions. 


We train twice a week in the SU on:


          o   Tuesdays 9 - 10.30pm in Y Stiwdio (SU)

          o   Saturdays 1 - 3/4pm in Y Stiwdio (SU)