Baseball and Softball Club

Baseball and Softball Club


CUBS ----- Cardiff University Baseball & Softball

You may have heard of Baseball but maybe not softball, but they are almost the same thing. If you haven't heard of either these two, but you like hitting home runs, throwing and fielding, sliding on the ground, sometimes even diving on the clay, playing with a team and maybe being a hero, you should try this out! 


We are the first University Softball team in Wales, AND THIS YEAR 2018, WE ADD BASEBALL AS PART OF OUR CLUB!!

Many of us are in beginner level and just want to have fun and we’re not going to force you to do extra 6 am training sessions or anything like that!

However this year we joined British University Baseball and Softball League so definitely looking forward opportunities to playing other universities across Britain. 

Whether you’re at the top of your game, or you’ve never played before and don’t even know the rules, give it a go. This year we have 2 professional coaches on the baseball team and 1 on softball team helping you out.

We practice at Pontcanna Fields twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and will be announced through our Facebook page. 


There will be lots of socials throughout the year, we also like to go get food together after training and go social together with other Uni teams after the matches.


We now have our own kit where you can choose your lucky number for your jersey! So join us ASAP to secure your number!


If you have your own equipment then bring it along but if not we have loads to spare.



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